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Hand, Foot & Mouth - advice please...

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Milliemuffin Thu 29-Oct-09 09:54:55

In March my DS and I both contracted Hand Foot & Mouth, confirmed at the hospital. This was on the thursday and the following day I had an emergency 10 wk scan which showed baby had died at 8 wks - 2 weeks previous, I miscarried 2 weeks later.

I'm now 31wks pregnant and have the same spots on my hands and tongue, exactly the same as before so as you can imagine I'm slightly worried. I realise it probably had nothing to do with my miscarriage before but still, can anyone offer any advice? DS doesnt seem to have any signs this time round but I'll keep an eye on him over next few days.

Milliemuffin Thu 29-Oct-09 12:47:40


roary Thu 29-Oct-09 12:57:48

Milliemuffin, DON'T WORRY. You should be immune from HFM having had it once already, so it is worth getting it checked.

My daughter had it when I was 14 weeks, I didn't get it (apparently I had it as a child) and I looked in to it.

Apparently there are 2 very, very, very small risks with HFM:

1. VERY rarely, Miscarriage in the first trimester (I am not a doctor, but it seems to me that the timing with your first MC means it was probably not connected to the HFM). But you are now 31 weeks so no need to worry..
2. That you might pass the HFM on to the baby at birth: this is very rare too but more likely as you are 31 weeks. Even if it does happen apparently it poses few issues.

So, as you've had it before, it shouldn't be HFM anyway. But if it looks exactly the same or you are worried, call the doc/MW.

There is a great page on NHS direct about this.

I really hope this makes you feel better, try not to worry!

Bettymum Thu 29-Oct-09 13:05:04

Millie, my DD has it at the moment. DH took her to the doctors yesterday who just confirmed that that's what it is, and said that I'm in no danger from her now that I'm 17 weeks pg. It does pose a small risk in early pg, apparently, but I think (and again I'm not a doctor) that you should be at no risk at all at 31 weeks. The NHS pages are pretty good, I was looking at them yesterday smile.

Milliemuffin Fri 30-Oct-09 16:54:18

Thanks girls xx

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