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let's all stop worrying please!

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MumNWLondon Wed 28-Oct-09 22:58:05

So many threads on here about people worrying about things - anticipation of scans, that they ate the wrong things, didn't take the right vitamins whatever...

Please all stop worrying! Try to have a calm peaceful pregnancy. You can worry for the next 18 years but it will only make you a wreck!

I have the principle of only worrying if there is a real reason, e.g. justified to worry about bleeding or unfavourable scan results, or family situation that doesn't warrant a pregnancy etc, but otherwise try and keep happy and positive - its better for you and for your baby!

Prinpo Wed 28-Oct-09 23:15:36

It's a lovely sentiment, but you may as well try to hold back the tide. Feeling worried is pretty normal and most people are able to keep a sense of proportion. I'm afraid I'd disagree that trying to keep happy and positive is better for women and their babies. If you feel happy and positive then great, if you feel worried then bring that worry out in to the open.

maybebaby23 Thu 29-Oct-09 12:00:52

Sounds great, i wish i could turn my worrying off! Unfortunately when something is the most important thing in the world to you it is not always that easy to brush your worries under the carpet...far better to share them, get them out in the open. I always go away from MN feeling much better having got things off my chest.

1mum1 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:59:09

A problem shared is a problem halved - that's definitely true. Any midwives I've come accross say the same thing - it's not good for you or the baby to but bottling things up - best to air it I say!

ClaireDeLoon Thu 29-Oct-09 14:10:36

I started one of the 'worrying' threads about being scared about a scan tomorrow. I'm sorry but someone telling me to just stop worrying is a great sentiment and I'm not knocking your for saying what you have but it just doesn't work like that, sadly

And as the others have said at least people come and talk to you about your worries, share their experiences and that makes me feel better.

MumNWLondon Thu 29-Oct-09 16:08:30

Points taken, posted more as I am deeply sad that so many women are so worried about so many things... especially when in a lot of cases there is no reason to worry, and there is no end to the things you can worry about... (even when the baby is born). I was just trying to say - BE HAPPY.

re: the feeling happy and positive - maybe you don't agree but it been shown that that women who are calm in pregnancy are more likely to have calm babies - so being calm is something that I feel is very important.

Of course everyone understands that people worry for very good reason about some things eg a bad result in a nuchal scan or bleeding - and of course its great to ask advise from others who have been in that situation - wondering whether post was taken the wrong way?

woowa Thu 29-Oct-09 20:04:47

maybe people who are calm during pregnancy are calm anyway and pass their genetic calmness on to their babies - i'd be more convinced of that than it being the result of stress levels during pregnancy. I worry about the same amount now but i worry about pregnancy related things instead of other things grin.

mcflumpy Thu 29-Oct-09 20:23:32

it's such a fragile process that it's just impossible not to worry. It's human nature...

sunshineandshowers Thu 29-Oct-09 20:35:40

I think its a great sentiment.

I worry totally unneccessarily (sp?) and sometimes have to say to myself, "Stop it. Stop thinking!"

Squarepig Fri 30-Oct-09 10:41:00

Delurking to say that I think most people worry about little things (holds self up as prize example of sweating the small stuff) and it all gets blown out of proportion if you don't always have someone to talk it over with. Most of the time, a friendly 'don't be silly, it's fine' is what you need and for that, I love that there is somewhere like MN where you know that there are loads of other people who've been through the same worries.

Er, basically saying that I don't think most women are really worried, just seeking that friendly reassurance!

RubyLove1 Fri 30-Oct-09 11:58:18

Its all well and good to say stop worrying about things you dont need to but hindsight is always 20/20...

I only worry about things that I am unsure of/dont know about/havent experienced before when it comes to pregnancy. So how would I know my worrying is unecessary at the time?

When I have been informed by doctors/midwife that I have nothing to worry about. Then I stop, again hindsight is always 20/20.

I believe that happy mothers have happy babies, but worrying about your baby is not the opposite of being happy and calm.

I had a miscarriage and got pregnant staright away afterwards. While I was ecstatic, I was scared of it happening again, petrified even.

But I was not overtly sweating and crying and being distressed, so I am quite confident that I will have a happy little girl.

RL1 Xx

CakeBuddy Fri 30-Oct-09 12:24:51

I'm definately a positive person, and always try to see the best in things BUT pregnancy and all things baby and family related ARE worrying because so often you have no control over what happens.

Just a thought, but maybe people are happy and positive in the 'real world' but come on to wonderful forums such as this to air their concerns and worries, chatting things over with people who have possibly shared the same experiences, without admitting such fears to their nearest and dearest who would forever then be asking "ooh are you still worried about X" which isn't very helpful when you're trying to be positive.

Sorry, I've got my nuchal scan for triplets in an hour so perhaps am a bit anxious thus explaining the rant. hmm

midnightsun Fri 30-Oct-09 12:33:22

Oh, well, alright then, I'll stop it.

Ha ha ha ha. Do you think people worry on purpose? wink

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