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babies due June 2010

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LoobyLou82 Wed 28-Oct-09 16:46:25

Hi just into week 8 of preg with #3, ds is 33 months, ds#2 is 14 months, and worried i might not cope with a third. Was feeling positive but then spoke to sister who has two like me and she said oh three under 4, god your brave!Now im doubting how i will cope with it. My house is a mess just now and I cant seem to keep it tidy for more than 5 mins as kids mess it up. Im also feeling really sick all the time!

Lou x

Mama2b5 Wed 28-Oct-09 17:11:29

Your not alone join on this thread and start your journey together loads of support and feeling to share!

My mum used to say "God doesnt give you more then you can handle" im sure your ll be fine when you sort a routine out that works for you. Big hug from me to you xx wink

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