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Help Me Decode My Early Scan

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BarakObamasTransitVan Wed 28-Oct-09 16:41:06

It looks like this pg isn't a goer - my scan (at what I thought was 6+6) didn't show a fetal pole or yolk sac and my hcg levels (> 2,000) were too high apparently to not see anything. But that's not really why I'm posting - what I could do with is a translation of my scan report.

To be fair, the sonographer was perfectly patient, as were the gynae nurses and SHO that I talked to but I'd not eaten at all that day and had had precious little to drink (was in from 8am - for 6 hours. My urine sample was delightful) so I wasn't really thinking straight.

So, here goes:

Gestation: 0 weeks 0 Days
Uterus: Bulky
Gestation Sac: Not Checked
Fetal Pole: Not Seen
Yolk Sac: Not Seen
Fetal HB: Not Checked

Comments: A well defined, eccentrically placed fluid fluid (typo I imagine - filled maybe?) area was identified at the fundus measuring 5.4 x 6.6 x 7.6 mm. The area most likely represents a gestation however no yolk sac or fetal pole was identified today.


Sooooo, what's all this "5.4 x 6.6 x 7.6 mm"? How can I have a "fluid filled area" without a gestational sac (which, as it says, wasn't checked, umm, coz there wasn't one)?

I suspect that this was a blighted ovum pg or something. Ectopic pretty much ruled out though, thankfully. Without wanting to sound cold, I'm really not after any "aww hun"s, iykwim. Just curious - tis all. I have another scan booked for 7 days after this last one (Monday) but I doubt I'll be in the right frame of mind to ask about this scan then, either, so any insight much appreciated. smile

EldonAve Wed 28-Oct-09 17:04:46

are you sure of your dates?

I had a scan at about 5 weeks and all they could see was an ill defined shadowy shape which sounds v similar to what they have seen for you

BarakObamasTransitVan Wed 28-Oct-09 17:18:17

Eldon I thought I was sure of my dates but I do have irregular cycles so I might have been wrong. It's the >2,000 HCG level that worries me (and the SHO). The consultant however apparently said words to the effect of "HCG levels? Pah!" to the nurse (who called me to discuss things). So who knows? Most of my pg symptoms seem to have gone though - esp the breast tenderness (they're still voluminous but not a patch on what they were a week or so ago).

EldonAve Wed 28-Oct-09 17:31:26

HCG levels here suggest you could still be under 6 weeks - it's not an exact science

BarakObamasTransitVan Wed 28-Oct-09 19:04:18

Thanks, Eldon. Sadly though I don't think any of it tallies with my first BFP - which was a faint line on a First Response on the 6th (October). I'll see on Monday though I guess - although I'm not expecting good news.

BarakObamasTransitVan Thu 29-Oct-09 17:19:59

OK - after much searching I think that the measurements for the "fluid filled area" would be what you'd use to calculate MGSD AKA MSD (Mean Gestational Sac Diameter/Mean Sac Diameter). I kind of thought that was what they might be. Of course that's assuming that said "fluid filled area" is indeed a gestational sac.
I guess it's all a case of waiting and seeing but try as I might I cannot get the dates to tally (despite building an elaborate spreadsheet hmm )
Eccentrically placed is good apparently.
On the downside I feel very hormonal - but not really in a PG kind of way (since my breasts are far less painful than before, and I'm spotting and I feel as if AF is about to arrive). I actually woke up crying this morning and then moreorless screamed at dp when he asked if I'd made him a cup of tea. Then cried some more.
I hate all this. Roll on Monday...

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