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How would you feel about these results?

(17 Posts)
varmit Wed 28-Oct-09 13:16:57

I'm 42 and had a combined test result risk probability of 1 in 860, with a nuchal measurement of 1.7mm. Not sure how to proceed and would love some feedback on how you might feel if it was your dilemma!

Thanks in advance

Fabster Wed 28-Oct-09 13:20:21

The 1 in 860 wouldn't worry me but I don't understand the 1.7mm so can't comment on that

TBH I had no tests as I knew it made no difference to me but I was given 1 in 800 for my first DS purely on age and family history. I was 28 when I conceived him.

neolara Wed 28-Oct-09 13:29:07

I'd feel reassured.

fiziwizzle Wed 28-Oct-09 13:45:17

1 in 860 sounds low to me. That's less than one eighth of once percent isn't it? I'd be happy with your result and enjoy your pregnancy

JuliaGulia Wed 28-Oct-09 13:51:08

I read yesterday that the average figure for a 30 year old woman was around 1/900 and for a 40 year old it reduced to 1/85.

My measurements were 1.5 and 1.0 (twins) and both came back low risk.

For 42, your stats seems good to me.

LotusPalm Wed 28-Oct-09 13:52:18

I'd feel really positive about that - my hospital wont refer you for any further tests unless your results are under 1 in 250. So yours are good!

PanicMode Wed 28-Oct-09 14:05:30

I think a nuchal fold measurement under 2.9mm is good and a risk of 1:850 for your age is very good - so I would relax and enjoy your pregnancy!!

At our hospital they only worry if you have a result that is less than 1:150. Obviously nothing is concrete - you could be the 1, but if no other markers were there at your nuchal then I don't think you have a dilemma.

I am 36 and haven't yet had my letter with my results - but as I didn't get a phone call and the nuchal fold was 1.9mm, I'm thinking positive. I'm sure it will be higher than the 1:2000 I got with my first oone - I was worrying then as all of my friends got 1:6000 ish (we were all a lot younger then!!)

reikizen Wed 28-Oct-09 14:08:17

I'm not sure what you mean about how to proceed? Has someone suggested that there may be a problem? Are you clear on what the screening tests mean, and how they may affect you? Perhaps you had better speak to your midwife/partner about it as you seem to be concerned about a result which is within the normal limits.

varmit Wed 28-Oct-09 14:28:18

Thanks everyone, it's good to know that you all think it's reassuring. I have spoken to the screening coordinator reikizen, and I know what the test means. My concerns are due to my age. I'm very aware that it is not a conclusive result, even though it's apparently a relatively low risk result. My dilemma is whether to get a more accurate result by having an amnio. Given that the miscarriage risk is about 1%, it's not an easy decision to make. As PanicMode points out, many people get a 1 in several hundred thousand result, so I can't help feeling a little uneasy, even though I know the chances of anything really being wrong are very small.

Thanks again for the feedback.

MadameDuBain Wed 28-Oct-09 14:34:20

That's an excellent result - it basically means things are much, much better than would be expected for your age.

I'm almost 40 and got a 1 in 130 risk of Downs from the blood test (nothing like as good as yours, but still better than expected for my age). No official nuchal measurement, but I saw myself that it looked less than 2mm which is normal. No way would I have an amnio when the risk from that is 1 in 100 - ie significantly higher than the "high risk" of Downs. I also had a "high risk" result in my last pregnancy of 1 in 190 but did not want an amnio then either. I am more concerned about the amnio, the risks of that and the worry I know I would go through, than I am about Downs itself IYSWIM.

lostinwales Wed 28-Oct-09 14:35:49

Just ask yourself whether you would automaticaly have an abortion if you found out the child has problems. I thought this through with a 1 in 100 risk and 4.5mm nuchal fold on u/s. I new I couldn't bring myself to abort whatever and just tried to coast on to the end with it in the back of my mind. (He's beautiful by the way and as healthy as a child could be thank goodness.)

Pingpong Wed 28-Oct-09 14:48:25

1:860 is a good result regardless of your age and is an excellent result given that you are 42.
I am 35 and last month had a 1:55 result which put my head in a spin and I opted for an amnio. It wasn't a question of having a termination for me it was about knowing what we were facing. Luckily all the results came back clear.
The stats for mc after amnio is quoted as being 1% however all the professionals I spoke with felt it was closer to 0.5% so the risk is tiny but in your situation I wouldn't bother with further testing.

reikizen Wed 28-Oct-09 15:01:25

An amnio is the only way you will know for certain so if it is going to put your mind at rest then go for it. The risk of miscarriage is low as it is performed using ultrasound, and it is not painful from my experience. I think the basic problem with 'screening' is that it only tells you what you already know and most people go into it expecting to be told that everything is fine. You must think what you would do with the information from an amnio, and weigh it up. Although it will tell you whether your baby has Downs or not, it will not tell you how seriously they may be affected so there will always be some uncertainty for you.

stellamel Wed 28-Oct-09 16:00:24

We had a 3mm measurement on the nuchal fold with DD, and she is 100% fine. So 1.7mm sounds perfect to me. Don't worry.

PumaGirl Wed 28-Oct-09 19:30:33

I'm 41 and had an NHS combined test. That showed a 1.2mm nuchal fold and my results came out at 1:460.

I also decided to have a private scan and the fold this time was measured at 1.0mm and my results were 1:1450.

Found it strange that things could come out so differently but I decided not to go for further testing.

Why? Because both numbers were better odds than having an amnio go wrong and also I had more faith in the private one (the sonographer, the equipment etc.).

Good luck with whatever you decide but I was happy to spend the £150 to get a second opinion.

varmit Wed 28-Oct-09 20:16:08

What fantastic and interesting responses, thanks so much to you all.

PumaGirl, that is so weird getting such different results! I think going privately would've probably been a good idea, but I'm 15 weeks now, so past the point of combined testing.

I think my decision is to wait for the anomaly scan, and take it from there. I am not overly concerned, but DH is, so a tricky one to deal with.

Many thanks again.

onebyoneNOTfourbyfour Thu 29-Oct-09 11:17:21

I'm also 42 and now 14+1. I had an NHS combined nuchal and blood last Tuesday at 12+6 and the base results for my age were 1:60 and combined with blood and a fold measurement of 2.2mm came back at 1:170. the new high/low cut-off is 1:150 so I was considered low risk and no further tests offered.

However, I really wasn't reassured by this and after quite a bit of research, including phone calls to the hospital and ARC decided to go for a private scan at the Fetal Medicine Centre yesterday. Thankfully they fitted me in (just) as I was one day out of range at 14wks. They tested my blood again and this time I had a much more thorough scan, 45mins compared with 10 mins NHS one. They also checked lots more markers, including nasal bone and heart valves and Dr Laura who did the scan and Prof Nicolaides who checked it could find nothing to worry about. My combined risk, considering my age, has now come out at 1:891 for Downs and 1:1700 for Patau's/Edwards so I am hugely relieved and happy. Can't recommend the FMC enough and was happy to spend the £150. I was prepared to go for a CVS too if the odds didn't improve but as they did I'm not risking a 1:100 MC rate versus my new odds.

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