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Private scans in Norfolk?

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IckleJess Wed 28-Oct-09 12:15:48

I'm 6 weeks and really don't want to wait until 13 weeks for a scan - this is my 4th pregnancy but feel different this time.

Very little in the way of symptoms so really need some reassurance.

Have been in contact with Bupa in Norwich and they do offer an early scan but it has to be performed by a consultant and is therefore £210 - a little more than I was looking to pay as others in different areas of the country usually are around £70.

I'm waiting to hear back from BMI which have a hospital in King's Lynn but wondered if there was anywhere else? The nearest 3D/4D place (which does offer early scans) is either Peterborough or Cambridge, both of which are an hour and a half away. Same with Ipswich.

Anyone know of anywhere else? I don't mind travelling but would obviously be far easier if it were within Norfolk.

Iloveautumn Wed 28-Oct-09 12:19:09

Hi, I looked into this in Norfolk a year or so ago and didn't find anywhere other than BUPA.

If you have a sympathetic doctor you may be able to get, at the least, blood tests to measure whether HCG levels are increasing?

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