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flying with low placenta

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haraslou Wed 28-Oct-09 08:17:47

I know it sounds nuts but my obs is very blase about me flying from NZ to Oz at 35 wks preg and back a week later. And I would be, too, except I have a partial placenta praevia at the moment - 28wks. It may have moved slightly away from the cervix, scans not fully conclusive earlier on but it looked like it was covering more of the cervix 8weeks ago. Anyway my obs is v. confident that it will move out the way and that I wont bleed. I am too, but.... I need to make the call re holiday insurance before 29weeks: the flights cannot be rebooked and the insurance wont pay out. It's not just me -we are a family of 4 so stand to lose a fair bit of cash. however, it's not really the money, I really want to go because I'm meeting family flying out from the UK whom I haven;t seen for over a year. You get the idea. Am I crazy for considering it or am I being really dull thinking of cancelling the whole thing??? trying to make a decision is driving me nuts, please make it for me!

itchyandscratchy Wed 28-Oct-09 08:24:02

If your obs had any doubt at all I am sure s/he wouldnt let you fly. My pp was a grade 4 and I wasn't even allowed out of bed, even though I'd had no bleeding.

That fact as well (lack of any blood loss) is a good sign. A partial covering of the os at 28weeks is highly highly likely to have moved away by the time you fly.

Are you sure the airline will let you fly anyway? I thought most were a bit funny about flying at this stage full stop?

haraslou Wed 28-Oct-09 08:39:18

thanks for your reply - yes they will let me fly at that late stage, provided I have a letter from my doc. It's not a long flight, about 4 hrs.

itchyandscratchy Wed 28-Oct-09 11:21:48

Then I think based on what your obs has said, you'll be fine. They always (ime) act very cautiously in cases like these and if s/he had any doubts, they'd let you know.

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