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27 weeks pg and really struggling with toddler...

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laurawantsababy Tue 27-Oct-09 21:45:01

Dd is 16mo and is going through that phase of tantrums, hitting and being moody!

I am really struggling to pick her up now so doing fun things isnt really happening. My bump is massive and very uncomfortable already.

What can I do with her? She watches Cbeebies when I need a break, we do colouring together, read books and sing songs!

We cant afford child care and my mum already has her when I work part time so I cant put on here anymore.

Any tips welcome smile

Chunkamatic Tue 27-Oct-09 22:00:27

Do you take her to any local toddler groups? My DS is 20mths and i'm about 23wks, so not too big yet but I do sympathise!

I'm finding that as he gets older it is easier to have something on in the day which the responsibility to entertain is not all on me, so toddler groups and/or and music and activity classes would be my tip!

FWIW he has got alot better with the hitting phase as he's got older and understands more, so just remember that it will pass!!

Derv78 Tue 27-Oct-09 22:02:20

Not sure if I have any tips for you, but wanted to empathise! I'm 31wks pg with twins and DD is almost 18months, so know what you're going through!
Picking her up results in pressure at bottom of pelvis, making me convinced twins are going to fall out! Bending down to her results in nausea and heartburn!
Like you, am finding CBeebies a good excuse for a sit down & a cuddle, especially ITNG just before bedtime. I finish work at the end of this week, so am sure that I'm going to have to think of inventive (non-strenuous) ways to entertain DD. She likes being outside; can you take your DD out walking to tire her out?
I would say the tantrums/hitting are her way of letting you know she's aware things are going to change. My DD has become very petted on DH (think cos I'm not physically able to do a lot of day to day stuff with her, and also cos I'm not as comfy for her to cuddle into; twins very active & she gets kicked!)
It's great that your mum is able to help out though, know that I will be visiting my family a LOT when I go on Mat leave!

MaHobbit Wed 28-Oct-09 09:06:27

Check out the Surestart timetable for groups and if you find one to go to regularly other mums will get to know you and I am sure they will help. We had a preg mum at one of our groups and as we got to know her we helped out more. We're all good mates now as a result.

Swimming to take the pressure of your bump? And wear toddler out so you get some rest after. It might be reduced cost/free depending on schemes in your area. Obviously changing would be a huge pain in the ar5e so either go with other mums who could help or schedule it to go with a non mummy friend/relative who can help you change the little one, go off and have their own swim then meet up at the end to help you get ready again.

missorinoco Wed 28-Oct-09 09:14:00

I feel for you. I felt like this when I was in the third trimester of pregnancy, and used to almost dread days with ds, much as I loved him, because i was so tired and lacked the physical strength, energy and enthusiam for it.

Get out of the house. Toddlers have so much energy; take a ball to the park and wear dd out.

I also bought some more DVD's. Pick up a stash on offer and use along with cbeebies in the afternoon when you are so tired you just want to curl up and cry.

And a second to the toddler group suggestion. You get a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst DD runs around, and it takes up a chunk of your day.

Only 13 weeks to go.
I found it easier to be not pregnant with two, then very pregnant with 1, IYSWIM.

laurawantsababy Fri 30-Oct-09 09:35:44

Thanks all. I have looked into toddler groups but there are none near us and dp uses the car for work.

I cant wait for this pregnancy to be over so that my body can go back to normal again and I can start enjoying dd!

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