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low ferritin, 'normal' hb levels - AND FEEL REALLY RUBBISH

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showmethemummy Tue 27-Oct-09 13:29:16

Hi all,

please can someone help me understand what's going on here.

am now 28wks pg with no.3. last blood tests showed my ferritin levels dropped from 46 in may to 13 two weeks ago. apparently hb levels still 11 (?!!). and so my dr says am not anaemic, it's only that my iron stores are low so have therefore been prescribed iron tabs (2x200g) Ferrous Sulphate to bring back up.

am really frustrated/annoyed though I am feeling SO RUBBISH. Heart palpitations; dry itchy scalp; SO SO tired can hardly stand let alone do anything for older two (4&2yrsl breathlessness; and did i mention TIRED?!!!

my gp always makes me feel like my symtoms are in my head. IS IT?!!?!

also have SPD durr.

sorry it's a rant but can someone tell me if i'm making it up??

reikizen Tue 27-Oct-09 14:41:25

Of course you are not making it up, anaemia is much more complicated than simply looking at your hb. Serum ferritin levels are a much more accurate way of assessing whether you need iron therapy or not. You have symptoms of anaemia so take the tablets and boost the iron rich food in your diet. After about 28 weeks the physiological anaemia most women experience in pregnancy should start to resolve so things should start to look up.

showmethemummy Tue 27-Oct-09 17:06:50

hi reikizen

thanks for reply - i just feel like a bit of an idiot because i always seem to feel worse than my gp thinks it is! blush.

anyway good to know not all in head...

haraslou Wed 28-Oct-09 07:56:48

I am in exactly the same state as you, iron levels wise and feeling like I've hit the wall. I've had 2 days of work this week, one of which I just stayed in bed and today have heaved myself around like an 80yr old. I have been exercising plenty and tried hard to maintain a basic level of fitness this pregnancy as I was reasonably fit before so it is all the more galling to be puffing so much climbing stairs, even talking on the phone! I can't sleep at night for that slightly nauseous, breathless feeling that I hate. my doc wasn't exactly dismissive but just said it would be good to get my levels up because of loss of blood during delivery. no mention of being able to function normally for the rest of the pregnancy. I also have 2 littlies, just turned 3 and 5. anyway, don;t imagine it helps much but the symptoms are definitely REAL!! tuck into the steak and hoepfully you'll feel better quite soon. Altho they say it takes a while for iron stores to increase, I felt better quite quickly when mine were low in my first pregnancy. I did go all out with the redmeat and wheatgerm, well as double dose of iron. feel free to rant whenever, it makes me feel better when I do!!

LeonieBooCreepy Wed 28-Oct-09 08:27:47

Message withdrawn

showmethemummy Thu 29-Oct-09 10:28:26

thank you SO much; it really really helps to know there are people OUT THERE who a) know what I feel like and b)acknowledge the reality of the symptoms.

haraslou really hope you feel better soon. Yesterday I decided to cheer myself up by putting mascara on, only to find that someone had OBVIOUSLY weighted down the mascara stick grin

LB asked GP for floradix on prescription because saw elsewhere on MN can do also know from pharmacy that should be able to get it.. she 'couldn't find it' in the system. I had asked for it because with lovely SPD symptoms do not need additional side-effects i usually get on this iron supp with labour looming... ah well.

today have 2 year old with vomiting bug. nice. MIL was supposed to visit (half term treat for girls); is now avoiding the house of plague instead. hmm

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