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Can't believe i have piles at 32wks!!!!

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Katkinso Tue 27-Oct-09 09:53:36

I had a very mild case with first pregnancy but nothing to give me any real cause for grief but am now 32 weeks pregnant with DC2 and have suddenly found myself with really painful haemerroids. Have got some of the usual cream to treat it and will make an effort to have more fruit/fibre/water in diet but can anyone else share their experience/advice. When it's really bad I can hardly bear to sit or stand up and really don't want it to get any worse over the next 8 weeks!!!! Please tell me I'm not alone!

Lionstar Tue 27-Oct-09 09:59:03

Sorry to say they will probably only get worse with labour sad. Same thing happened to me and they were horrendous after the birth. Fortunately we are now 4 weeks down the line and they are much better. Probably will never get rid of them completely.

Use ice-packs if they are very painful. Do pelvic floors and also I found alternating 2 different creams to be more effective than just one.

corblimeymadam Tue 27-Oct-09 11:12:47

Message withdrawn

jardins Tue 27-Oct-09 12:17:36

Dear Katkinso you are indeed not alone! I got a painful batch 2 weeks ago, went to my GP for medication, and am still struggling with them. I am only 28 weeks with my third pregnancy so imagine my dismay. It's amazing how it made me lose confidence in this pregnancy and my general good health. All of a sudden I started to feel afraid of the next three months.

The thing that gets me - although I do not want to be negative - is that despite being pretty damned careful with my diet, walking every day, and drinking plenty of water I am still getting them. I guess mine are a legacy pf past pregnancies and will be well nigh impossible to get rid of.

Let's hold hands through this. If constipation is a worry for you have you tried chilled prune juice first thing in the morning with 2 or 3 glasses of water?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! We'll get through this!

Katkinso Tue 27-Oct-09 13:43:13

Thanks for the moral support girls. Depressing thought but it had ocurred to me that they will probably always be an issue from now on but the crazy thing is i thought i too had been fairly healthy. I get quite a bit of exercise, eat a varied diet and drink plenty so god help the ladies out there who live on McDonalds and cofee.

And another thing...I feel like this is sooo unglamorous (like most aspects of pregnancy/birth admittedly). Surely piles is something only old men who read the Racing Post get!!?? ha ha not being horrible but do you know what I mean?

Will definitely try the prune juice thing..TMI i know..but am dreading my next number two shock

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