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More bleeding, now some tiny clots. Scan tomorrow but really worried

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ChairmumMiaow Tue 27-Oct-09 08:42:36

I've had light bleeding for more than 24 hrs, including a small amount of fresh red stuff last night.

Saw the GP yesterday morning who booked me in for a scan tomorrow, then called out of hours service last night when I got the fresh stuff. Was told that if I had the scan booked I might as well wait for it as if it was a miscarriage there was nothing they could do anyway. Been told to go to hospital if it gets worse or if I get cramps.

I'm scared, don't want to talk to anyone because that would make it too real, but really really don't want to wait till tomorrow till I have this scan. I'm almost at the point of wishing it would get bad enough that I could justify going to the hospital sad

I had bleeding with DS1 but I don't remember it being this much.

CMOTdibbler Tue 27-Oct-09 08:47:41

Oh no sad - really sorry to hear this Chairmum. As you know, some women bleed lots and have healthy babies, and some don't. Only way to tell is the scan - if they told you to go to the hospital if you had cramps, I'd be inclined to go if there is someone to have DS for you. I know only too well the agony of the waiting.

deepdarkwood Tue 27-Oct-09 08:50:26

If you had bleeding with your first, I wouldn't cross the pg off yet. I had bleeding with both mine - with my first pg, bleeding inc cramps & clots - from 7 weeks onwards, every few days.
Consultant told me that I'd probably miscarry (& asked why I was wasting her time coming in...)
Lovely GP & midwives told me to wait & see. Guess who was right smile

Does your local hospital have an EPU? If so, ring & ask what the proceedure is - with ours you could self refer - it was a case of turning up & waiting til they had a gap...

Good luck....

ChairmumMiaow Tue 27-Oct-09 08:55:20

added trouble is that neither DS nor I are very well and I don't know if nursery will take him even though he is due in today, plus I don't drive so I will either have to book a taxi or wake SIL who works nights (DH is away)

I guess i will phone EPAU and see what they say


deepdarkwood Tue 27-Oct-09 08:59:33

Ah, sorry, didn't know back story smile

Well, it may be more practical for you to just wait then (hanging around at EPU when you & ds aren't feeling great maybe not the best...)

If you can, put your feet up a bit & have an easy day - my lovely GP put me on bed rest (not possible with a lo around, I know!) - she said it wouldn't make any difference, but if the worst did happen, I'd know I had done everything I could....

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