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27 weeks today- is it to early to be thinking of a travel system - driving but want it to be lightweight[smile]

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Mama2b5 Mon 26-Oct-09 21:30:57

Hi just would like some advise on travel systems way to many which one is the best! driving and want it to be lightweight for carrying upstairs!

onadietcokebreak Mon 26-Oct-09 21:38:39

Travel systems are bloody awful and a waste of money....thats what my sister told me when I had my DS....but I didnt listen and neither did she as she has just brought a new one for DC5

If I had my time again I would buy


onadietcokebreak Mon 26-Oct-09 21:43:25



but its not light weight and it is bulky.....but it is forward facing and you can get a carrycot for it

mamadiva Mon 26-Oct-09 21:51:34

Definately not to early to enter the pram minefield

First of all I would say travel systems are not the best options due to various things:

1. Car seat is not good for baby all the time because it can cause spine problems and breathing issues, LO should lie flat as much as possible.

2. Unless you have a base to go in the car you will spend FOREVER strapping car seat in and out rather than just taking LO out and putting in pushchair.

Anyway if I had my time again I would have a Baby jogger city mini with carrycot and graco autobaby car seat.

This is all bought seperately and is expensive (about £350 new) but the pushchair is very lightweight and folds excellent so would be great for car and is good for urban walking. I got this pushchair when my son was 2 but I wish I had it from the start!

StrikeUpTheBand Mon 26-Oct-09 22:06:07

I have just bought an O'baby ZeZu (am 31 weeks). My DS is 2.8 and I had a Trenton deluxe when he was born, but didn't rate the fact that it was huge and also the soft carrycot had a harness inside it so hardly comfortable for a tiny baby any more than a pushchair. However, it did have a lot of good features like a huge shopping basket so good if you're on public transport lots or walking. Then. I got a Bebe Confort Loola when he was 10 months because I realised I should have got one that could do rear-facing (was back at work and rather liked the thought of actually conversing with him after picking him up from nursery). I do agree that you can have a lightweight option instead but I wanted a pram option for a newborn and especially so for a winter baby (if she'd been a summer baby I might have been ok with a pushchair but I thought a pram might be more cosy in winter).

Hope that helps. I think you need to really think hard - I thought I had but it wasn't until I had used the travel system a while that I realised what I really wanted from one. Looking at reviews also helps but look at a range of sites as sometimes there is bias (like deleting any negative ones!).

onadietcokebreak Mon 26-Oct-09 22:15:03

mamadiva....good call....babyjogger city mini. Another one I would consider if I had my time again

naomi83 Tue 27-Oct-09 14:10:26

baby jogger city mini can also be used with maxi cosi car seat, the safest and lightest on the market. i would get this one if your not bothered about rear facing after carrycot stage.

Mama2b5 Tue 27-Oct-09 21:03:29

eeeeeekkkkkkk so much to think about! this is madness and so not fun! was in Mothercare's today and boy are these car for babies expensive!!!!! thanks mummy's for all your advice i know i have to put some real thought into this and make sure i make right choice!smile

mamadiva Wed 28-Oct-09 07:35:45

Mama2b it does seem daunting but trust me once you (finally) figure it out you will be sorted!

IMO the main points to consider are:

1. Budget- This narrows it down ALOT

2. Seat directions- Do you mind if baby faces away from you after 9 months or so

3. Use- If you walk a lot a 3 wheeler is fab and if you want something that is easy to transport then a smaller pushchair is great.

4. Storage space is a mjor issue, if you can keep in the house/boot then great but if you are lacking in space to keep it something small and easy to fold is invaluable.

That's all stuff I wish I'd have listenend to in the first place instead of buying a £500 tank! blush

Also if you don't mind second hand there are some bargains to be had on here, netmums, gumtree and Ebay. I would buy a used pushchair and just buy a new car seat though.

Mama2b5 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:46:30


Thank you so much yes its so hard and its a choice you have to be happy with for a while well as long as baby needs it! i am not getting a 3 wheeler way to many hills where i live and i dont want anything as big as a tank, dont have much storage space for it! so something small, lightweight but ticks boxes for my baby!

Mama2b5 Mon 02-Nov-09 16:11:56

My DH has looked and has fallen for a buggy in the US called the orbitbaby it can be seen on
[[ ]]

im beginning to wish i never told him he could pick the buggy now! grin

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