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Advice please, had contractions, now it stopped - normal?

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tasjaSAmuminSA Mon 26-Oct-09 08:35:50

Last night about 10/11 I started having contractions. Lasting anything from about 10 - 30 seconds, 3 - 10 minutes apart.
I couldn't lie down anymore so got up and walked around, and started packing hospital bag grin.
It def wasn't braxton hicks, I felt is all the way from my bump to my back.

At about 5 this morning it went away as I fell asleep then.

Still very tender and stomach is sore now but now contractions like last night. just braxton hicks now.

is this normal? Had an induction with first baby so I don't know.

I'm 35weeks +4

tasjaSAmuminSA Mon 26-Oct-09 08:37:13

Ment to say do not have contractions now, just braxton hicks

Lulumama Mon 26-Oct-09 08:43:34

It is certainly better that it has stopped at 35 weeks
have you phoned labour ward for advice?

it is normal to have false labour, as it were, where you have lots of strong regular contractions, but then they die off. also, braxton hicks/false labour contractions do not dilate the cervix

if it starts again and you think you might be in labour, you should be seen as it is still a little bit early

real labour ctx tend to last 50 + secons and get stronger, longer, closer together and don't die off when you move and you can't sleep through them

i would call for advice anyway as you feel tender and sore

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