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7 weeks pregnant, bleeding after sex, backache and possibly flu. Make me feel better?

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ChairmumMiaow Mon 26-Oct-09 05:43:24

Woke at a ridiculously early time this morning to find some bleeding. On top of this I've got a horrible temperature from my bad cold/maybe flu and I've had on-off lower back ache for days which feels worse this morning. I had bleeding after sex in my last pregnancy, and everything was ok but it doesn't stop me worrying

DH has just left for London for the week. DS still has a temperature from his own stinking cold and there is nobody around today to help me with him so I am going to be trying to get appointments for 3 things with the doctors this morning. What are my chance of that!? I have no idea what I'll do if I have to go for a scan

Just needed to whinge really to get it all out

rostbeef Mon 26-Oct-09 10:26:48

Its a few hours after you posted and I hope your morning is getting a little better. I am sure everything with your pg is fine - but be assertive getting that appointment to put your mind at rest!

Your DS will have to come with you for a scan - or get your DH back up if needed? Which hope it won't be.

Try to stay calm as I got really stressed in my first trimester and regretted it - it wasn't a great time. Good Luck!!!

ChairmumMiaow Mon 26-Oct-09 12:52:06

Thanks roastbeef. DS has antibiotics in case there is something worse than a cold as he really is very unwell so hopefully that will speed his recovery a bit.

I have a scan wednesday morning when I will have some childcare options so hopefully won't have to drag DS along (hoping my friend will take DS with her DS to our normal soft play session while I go for my scan in peace - then at least he'll have fun as he loves that friend). Its also early enough that I think SIL who works nights will be able to drive me and still get some sleep!

Now we're vegging out in front of the TV eating whatever DS will tolerate. He's boiling and I'm shivering!

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