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To Drink or Not to Drink?

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thebump Tue 14-Jun-05 16:51:21

Hi everyone.

I'm attending a wedding on the 16th July when I will be 35 weeks pregnant. Thing is it's my wedding day and I would like to celebrate the day by having maybe one or two glasses of bubbly!

I have been ever so good over the past 30 weeks and not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips. Do you think it would be ok just to have a little bit on my wedding day??

dinosaur Tue 14-Jun-05 16:52:18

Yes absolutely, although when I went to a wedding last year when pregnant, my heartburn was so bad I didn't even feel like drinking champagne!

Congrats, by the way!

hoxtonchick Tue 14-Jun-05 16:52:28

absolutely. have a lovely day!

WigWamBam Tue 14-Jun-05 16:53:15

Of course it would. Have a lovely day!

sweetheart Tue 14-Jun-05 16:53:34

I would say definatly - infact I'd be offended if you were considering no having any on your special day

chicagomum Tue 14-Jun-05 16:57:41

at this stage i'd say do have a bit of champagne to celebrate, but only if you are totally happy with it, worrying about it during the day and afterwards may spoil you wedding and the last few weeks of your pregnancy (although imo its fine - but thats not based on any medical facts i would hasten to add)

Slave2Babe Tue 14-Jun-05 16:58:34

congratulations and i hope you have a wonderful day!!

a couple of glasses of wine should be absolutely fine

if you are worried, ask your midwife for reassurance.

chicagomum Tue 14-Jun-05 16:58:35

oh and congratulations btw on the wedding and baby

Tommy Tue 14-Jun-05 17:00:02

I had a couple on my wedding day and I was preggers too!

chocolatequeen Tue 14-Jun-05 17:47:54

I had a couple on my wedding day, plus champagne on the honeymoon almost every day for 2 weeks, with the blessing of my (very)laid back obstetrician. He really felt that small amounts of alcohol are no more damaging to a baby than say, living in a big city next to a main road. All in moderation was his maxim.

I hope you have a fantastic day, congrats!

happymerryberries Tue 14-Jun-05 17:49:32

I had the odd glass of wine with both of mine, with no problems, 8 7 lb and 9 2 lb.

crunchie Tue 14-Jun-05 17:49:54

I am amazed you have managed this long!!

I drank the odd glass throughout my pg and felt very much anything in moderation, I didn't get drunk or drink more than a couple at any one time.

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