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anyone who's baby was/is transverse at 30 weeks...

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maybebaby23 Sat 24-Oct-09 23:07:47

do/did the movements make your insides feel tender?? DD2 is transverse and each time she wriggles or kicks it just feels tender, makes me wince slightly iykwim? Im just wondering if this is because of her position.

DD was breech with feet right up by her face (frank breech? not sure) and it didn't feel like this last time. It has only started the last couple of weeks, probably because she is getting bigger now? So what if she stays transverse (not a problem as booked in for c section anyway) has anyone had this and felt the same or can't you tell the difference? May just be me! blush

choccywhoccydodah Sun 25-Oct-09 18:26:18

hi, my baby is what they call 'unstable lie' as constantly moves position - at 38 weeks!!. I can def tell when baby is transverse as he stretches across me and i have to hold my sides in fear of feelig like they're going to break!!!! Also all the movement is upwards and very tender.

I have a very a active baby and wince almost everytime it moves - which is all the time i'm awake!!! Sometimes i feel like he is standing up as i get one huge lump raising right out the top of my belly and can't believe i can stretch that much!!!! blush

The only thing i would say in relation as to what to expect - i don't want to scare you but what i have been told - if your waters break or you start to go into labour before you section, go straight to hospital as there is a chance of prolapsed umbilical cord or a foot/arm as there is nothing to block the exit like when a baby is head down!! Just make sure you tell the hospital when on your way that baby is transverse so they don't tell you to go home and wait until cotractions get stronger!!! (which they shouldn't anyway if you're booked for section).

I really hope that doesn't worry you but just think you should be prepared. Hope the little blighter eases up on you a bit...and chances are at 30 weeks, may still change position. Good luck and hope you manage to enjoy your last 10 weeks.

tasjaSAmuminSA Mon 26-Oct-09 08:25:16

Hi there

Im 35+4 now and baby was transverse at 30 weeks. It felt very tender and sore, so sore that I went to hospital.
Luckily baby turned at about 34weeks. Much better now.

maybebaby23 Mon 26-Oct-09 20:40:23

Ah thanks for your replies! Im wondering what it is going to be like if she stays transverse then..gosh you had to go to hospital tasja, must have been really sore

Choccy, i didn't know that about prolapsed cord or hand/foot!!!! shock Thanks for letting me know, like you say it's better to be prepared! My baby is very active too and i know what you mean about having to hold your sides, i do that too! grin

strawberrycornetto Mon 26-Oct-09 20:58:30

Like Choccy, both my babies were unstable lies and were most often transverse. I didn't find it uncomfortable as such, but then I don't know any different grin. Also, both were quite small which may have helped.

I wasn't told about the risk of prolapse etc but the "unstable lie" diagnosis was what made the consultant agree to me having an elective csection 2nd time round because they said it would be too risky for me to try for a vbac. My DD (1st baby) was transverse and turned, but turned back to brow presentation during labour and got stuck, which is why I needed my first csection.

I guess your doctors will chat it through with you if your baby stays transverse. Hope things get more comfortable for you.

maybebaby23 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:05:43

Thanks strawberry, i wonder why they don't tell you about the prolapse thing? Oh well i know now thanks guys.

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