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what does a breech baby feel like?

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littleomar Sat 24-Oct-09 22:05:21

baby was breech at 21 weeks (anomaly scan) - i'm now 26 weeks so still a while before i need to start worrying, but i am winding myself up about it nevertheless.

i'm feeling lots of movements low down, but i don't know whether that's because he's still quite small and low down,or because he's head down, but with legs folded down near his face, or actually breech.

this is my second - first was head down/posterior and as far as i can remember it felt more or less the same - but only as far as i can remember.

so if you know yours is breech, where do you feel the movement?


cece Sat 24-Oct-09 22:11:15

DS2 was oblique breech at 40 weeks. I didn't realise till I went to mw for a check up and she examined me! So not much help here I am afraid.

TBH you have loads of time. I was booked for a cs at 40 plus 4 days as he was discovered breech the day before. The day I went into hospital he had turned again and I ended up having him naturally. Again I hadn't realised he had turned! And he was my third baby and he was 10 lbs!

preggersslaysandchops Sat 24-Oct-09 22:19:25

My MW thought my baby was breech at my last (34 weeks) appointment, but she was not sure. 2 weeks later and the GP had a feel and reckons she can feel the head down in my pelvis. I think the GP is right as I can feel the baby hiccuping and its really low down. I'm getting kicking up near my ribs but other movement all over the place so its pretty hard to tell I think!

BikeRunSki Sat 24-Oct-09 22:22:35

DS (my first and only DC) was breech.

I kept saying to DP/HV that it felt like DS was kicking me in the pelvis - in the later stages hard enough for my leg go numb. They both told me that it must be punches, but I thought that it was too hard for a punch. He was born - em CS for undiagnosed footling breech - at 37 weeks,

memorylapse Sat 24-Oct-09 22:25:57

at 26 weeks the baby still has plenty of room to move and could be constantly changing position..once you are further on then you will probably be able to tell, saying that ds1 was actually transverse until 36 weeks and I couldnt tell!

Prinpo Sun 25-Oct-09 13:34:09

Both mine were breech, and I imagine that current one will also get stuck in breech position (I have a wonky womb and they seem unable to turn after a certain point). I too had the kicking into my pelvis, hard enough to make me squeal. I'd agree with other posters, though, that there's bags of time for the baby to change position. Good luck.

ihatethecold Sun 25-Oct-09 17:45:08

my dd didnt move much from about 32 weeks onwards when she was breech. i knew she would stay there as she never moved sides or turned. so had an elective at 38 weeks.

rubyslippers Sun 25-Oct-09 17:47:31

my DD was breech/transverse until 37 weeks

i was booked in for an ECV to turn her, but prior to that had reflexology which i think turned her the right way

i felt movements all over the place and my bump was quite high until she dropped head down

your baby has loads of time to move so don't panic yet

butterscotch Sun 25-Oct-09 21:49:05

My friend was breach but they didn't know till 24hrs into labour as they examined her! I would ask for a scan nearer the time to check for peace of mind, babies move all the time so if still breach nearer the time then I would ask for a scan to confirm!

mawbroon Sun 25-Oct-09 22:02:57

Prinpo - I have a wonky uterus too! My ds was stuck in the breech position from 32 weeks with one foot up by his ear. I am 22wks with no2 at the moment and am interested to see if this one will get stuck too.

littlomar - I could feel my ds's head under my ribs. If I poked it from the front and the side, I could feel it bobbing about in a way that a bum just wouldn't bob IYSWIM. By the end, the midwife used to ask if the baby had turned before she examined me, as she knew that i knew for sure.

Because he had one leg up and the other down, I was feeling movements all over, low and high, which was a bit confusing until I figured out how to identify his head!!

He was head down for a week or so at 31 weeks, and I remember the movements changing very dramatically. Instead of kicks, it was more like waves and ripples across my bump as he spun round on his head like he was breakdancing!! I imagine it was knees and feet etc on their way round creating the waves.

As everyone else has said though, you have loads of time, they don't start worrying about it until around 36 weeks IIRC.

Good luck.

moosemama Sun 25-Oct-09 22:32:07

Low down movements don't necessarily mean baby is breech. You could be feeling hands or feet. Its really hard to tell to be honest, especially as there are different types of breech position.

Dd was frank breech (legs straight up in front of the face) at 36 weeks and I had absolutely no idea. I actually went into the day unit as I was concerned about lack of movement and they found out she was breech then.

She turned twice after that, the second time turning into a breech position again at 40+10/11, so you have loads of time for your baby to chose his/her position.

The only thing I noticed once I knew she was breech was lots of movement near my right hip and bizarrely I felt hiccups (which she seemed to have continuously) really low down, which is weird as you would think with her head in my stomach I would have felt them high up at the top of my bump.

Issy42 Sun 25-Oct-09 22:48:06

littleomar - don't worry - I had midwife appointment at 27 weeks last Monday and mine is breech but mw was not worried at all due to plenty of time to turn. Wish she'd take her head out of my ribs though - it really hurts grin.

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