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How to keep room temperature down?

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waddlelikeaduck Sat 24-Oct-09 14:40:21


I am 37+2 and have noticed that despite the weather and outside temperature dropping our house is remaining really warm...

we have an old hot air heating system and are a 1980's mid-link house, we don't have double glazing...

We haven't been using the heating yet and yet our bedroom, where the baby will be sleeping with us seems to remain at a constant 24 degrees! shock this is with one window slightly open and a fan on (my dh has tinnitus and the noise helps hmm)... I was planning on stopping the fan to avoid drafts when baby is here and have a similar thinking about the window but am worried that the room will get even hotter!

It would be so much easier of the problem was the cold but I really cannot think of anyway of getting and keeping the room cooler - I believe the ideal is 16-20 degrees..

any suggestions will be much much appreciated!!

many thanks

Its not just a problem downstairs as our open plan lounge/kitchen is currently at 24-27 degrees! shock

blondiep14 Sat 24-Oct-09 15:24:16

Don't panic too much, with our first we had a room thermometer and our house was always a bit warm despite it being february!
Best thing we found was not to worry about room temp but dress baby accordingly, I think DS wore a sleeveless vest (or one with short sleeves if very cold), babygrow and growbag/1 blanket in bed and lived in same outfits no blankets in the day.
We found the ideal temp in the room felt blardy freezing if we ever managed to get it down that far to be honest! I was happier having it a bit warmer with window open for fresh air and checking his layers rather than having the whole house at 18 degrees!!

HappyBump Sat 24-Oct-09 15:31:14

As blondie says it matters more about whether the baby is dressed for the temperature the room is at. I live in the middle east and it is almost impossible to get the house to 18 degrees (I fretted and read the SIDs guidelines obsessively), so when my DS was born we just dressed him in the minimum and checked if he felt too hot/cold by feeling the back of his neck and adjusted his clothing/bedding accordingly. As soon as he got big enough we just put him in a 0.5 tog gro-bag and nappy.

lucky1979 Sat 24-Oct-09 18:53:01

I've had the same as well, any lower than 20 degrees and DH whines it's too cold and he's getting the flu.

I've kept the radiator off in the bedroom, which helps, but think will have to be experimenting with layers and so on as well as it tends to hover at around 20 no matter what. Once I'm a bit more confident I'll move onto gro-bags and so on but am starting with blankets and sheets so I can be more flexible with them.

DH meanwhile has been given his own extra blanket and told to pull himself together.

waddlelikeaduck Sat 24-Oct-09 20:28:47

thanks everyone, I must admit when I have been somewhere at the 'ideal' temp it does feel cold - I keep reassuring my DH that it'll be ok as people have babies in hot places and apparently hospitals are quite warm but wondered if anyone had any tips!

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