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On going bleeding in 1st and 2nd trimester - anyone else out there? TMI

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bb99 Fri 23-Oct-09 11:47:07

Hi don't read on if u r squeamish...shock

Thanks for replies to last post smile.

Scary scan on 19th went fine and all good - heard heartbeat at 16+4 on Thurs. Next scan and consultant on Monday week.

Is there anyone else out there with anything like this or any optamistic stories??? (I am starting to feel scarily optamistic, which could just be the hormones, but have had hopes crushed before)

Bled for over 4 hours, 3 pads and 2 pairs of jeans at 11wks, then for 1 hour and 1 pad at 13wks, then for 2 hours and 3 pads at 14wks (no jeans tho with the later ones grin). Seems that the placenta is OK and can't see where the bleed is coming from but there is some blood in the amniotic fluid as it looks as tho bubs is ingesting it. Have got ongoing period tail off bleeding most of the time which has now (eventually) gone to beige and pink mucus with the occassional darkly old blood stained mucus (DID warn you it was TMI).

The pool of bloody fluid inside my uterus, sitting on my os, outside the sac, has got larger every scan so far although it is away from the placenta and appears to be older bleeding...

Any information would be really helpful as all the stuff I can find goes on for about 3 lines about 'threatenned mc' then move swiftly onto actual mc (which I know all about...having had a late AND early one - don't be too jealous ladies and gentlemen, I know I'm special-LOL) - couldn't stop myself googling <<bb99 hangs head in shame>>

Just finding it all a bit tedious, scary and stressful (deep breaths) thought one of the advantages of being pg was avoiding periods!

BTW, I know I am very fortunate as 2 babies HAVE managed to make it through my dangerous reproductive system.

PLEASE DON'T BE TO NICE - I am feeling hormonal and teary and might just break down if u r 2 nice.


alana39 Fri 23-Oct-09 12:12:54

Well didn't have quite such a dramatic time as you have been having, but I did have bleeding from 12 weeks (starting day after scan) for 4 weeks this pg. After mmc last November. Sympathise with difficulty finding information, I think the thing is that so many people have completely unexplained bleeding in pregnancy that there's nothing definite that can be put on websites in books. Anyway, I'm still here at 39 weeks so just wanted to add something positive and wish you luck - hearing the heartbeat at 16 weeks is a very good sign as I'm sure you know.

bb99 Fri 23-Oct-09 12:26:58

Good Luck Alana39, good to hear positives.

YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Fri 23-Oct-09 12:35:30

Bleeding in pregnancy does seem to be incredibly common (a lot more so than I would have known without MN). I really hope things work out for you. There are many people on the Knicker-Checkers thread (sounds strange out loud smile) who have had similar bleeding but healthy babies. <waves to alana>

memorylapse Fri 23-Oct-09 12:51:01

bb99 it sounds as though you have a haemotoma, I have been diagnosed with this as well, Im currently 12+3 and have had ongoing bleeding since week 5..a scan at 7 weeks showed a bleed situated next to the gestational sac and at my last scan a week was still there..with every scan I hold my breath waiting for them to tell me the worst..but so far baby has hung on..the good thing in your case is that the bleeding is not situated behind your placenta by the sounds of in theory..your body should eventually reabsorb the blood..

bb99 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:49:56


Good luck to you, know about the holding breath thing. I'm scanned every 2 weeks at the moment and get really wound up a couple of days before. Had a missed lmc before, so know what to look forward to if it all goes wrong now. Still, either I'll be pg at xmas, or enjoying the mulled wine. It's a win win situation when I'm in a good state of mind hmm

Lucky to be able to be worried, lucky to be where I am!

SianNic Tue 27-Oct-09 13:45:30

At 12 weeks I woke up soaked through with blood - literally gushing out of me - not nice and was convinced I was m/c. Admitted to hospital and baby was fine on scan with no obvious source of bleeding! Bled continually for 3 weeks after this (lightly, the initial bleed eased off after about 12 hours). Then had a week off and another fresh bleed at 16 weeks. Scans in the meantime (at 13 1/2 weeks) showed I had 2 areas of haematoma from marginal placenta bleeding (also known as sub-chorionic haemorrhage). Now at 18 weeks and hanging in there! So dont always think the worse, and ask questions as at one of my scans they really had to search to find the haematomas as they are not easy to see. Good luck!

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