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Can anyone inform me on polyhydramnios?

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millettallulahbang Thu 22-Oct-09 14:32:37

I recently went for a growth scan as was measuring a copule of centimetres too large for my dates (baby was also breech all the way through)

Went for scan and baby has now turned around, and he is very normal sized, but I they found polyhydramnios with an AFI of 30 (deepest pool 11cm). I was 34+6 at time of scan.

Google has yielded possibly too much information on this!

The consultant didn't seem to bothered BUT has mentioned about ensuring that he can swallow by inserting a tube before first feed.

I'm interested to hear anyone's experiences of polyhydramnios and also any midwifes who can tell me if an AFI of 30 is at all severe? I wante dto work right until due date pretty much - but do you think I should give up earlier due to the early risk? I'm not seeing my midwife until next Wednesday so am looking for information on trust Mumsnet

Any experiences/information VERY gratefully received. Thanks for reading.

Mummy369 Thu 22-Oct-09 23:19:15

When I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios I was investigated for other conditions as it is often a symptom of something else. The most common connection is with Gestational Diabetes, and I am surprised your consultant has not arranged a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test).
I don't understand why the consultant has suggested a tube for the baby? hmm
When I had Polyhydramnios my baby had hiccups all the time - which the midwife told me was because he was getting so much practice at sucking and swallowing!

BTW I worked to 39 weeks with my baby, measuring 6 weeks big for dates! Working is not a risk factor and it cannot worsen Polyhydramnios.

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