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i cannot find maternity jeans to fit!

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jellybean86 Thu 22-Oct-09 13:12:57

im living in one pair of jeans and joggin bottoms!!
i cannot find any jeans that fit me anywhere. im quite big, im size 18 and 22 weeks preg and have put on half a stone for far. but my maternity jeans i am wearing from new look are gettin tight under my bump ( i think my bum is gettin bigger!)

im quite fussy as i have massive thighs and calves so need jeans that are a little baggy at the bottom, not bootcut of skinnys! and i cant find some that fit! ive tried blooming marvelous, mothercare, but no luck. some size 20 ones didnt fit :-( i cried my eyes out! im struggling to find jeans bigger than a size 18.

how easy would it be to loose weight so i try to get in size 18 ones?

Weegle Thu 22-Oct-09 13:16:21

Have you tried Next - boyfit ones. I sound like a similar shape to you and these are by far the best. I've got 2 pairs of under bump ones from there and one pair of over bump (but they are bootcut but I love how comfy they are). Also - do it online - order about 10 pairs in 18 and 20 and try them on at home, you'll feel more positive!

choccywhoccydodah Sat 24-Oct-09 11:51:45

I can second weegle. Next boyfit maternity jeans are great. they look good and casual and are really comfey - mine have a narrow elastic band around the top as i hate the ones that go right over the bump. as soon as i got mine i said i would wear them when not pregnant even after i have lost the weight as they are sooo comfey. They are more reasonably priced than most other maternity jeans also. Good luck and try not to feel too's only natural to keep increasing in size as you are nurturing your baby. Don't worry about the weight loss until after and just try to focus on feeding your healthy baby!!! Good luck!!

cocobongo Tue 27-Oct-09 01:03:48

Have you tried mamas & papas? I found their jeans really comfy and wore them right up until I gave birth (and after.....). They have a sale on at the moment, so all the jeans are reduced (though unfortunately this also means that some of the sizes aren't available in some styles, I saw this one in a size 18, they may have more styles.

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