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Hand Dermatitis

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nutritionmum Thu 22-Oct-09 09:50:07

Hi, since being pregnant, I have developed hand dermatitius - red scaly patches on the backs of my hands. My wedding ring finger is particularly bad and I can't wear my wedding ring now!

I have been given DoubleBase by a local walk-in centre but it doesn't seem to help.

Has anyone else experience this and have any tips please?


amyboo Thu 22-Oct-09 09:54:07

Don't have any advice, but I'm currently having a similar problem with the skin around my eyes. I sometimes suffer from Ezcema and this seems the same... I've tried lashings of E45 to no avail and my doctor just gave me some other (non steroid) cream that doesn't appear to be helping much either I think the best thing is steroid cream, but he says I can't use that while pregnant

Walnut8 Thu 22-Oct-09 09:59:22

Yes, I had this badly for a few years and I know how annoying it is. I used to get it under my wedding ring as soap and water catches under there and aggravates the skin.

My tips are:

1. Wear gloves when washing dishes
2. Don't overuse soap when washing your hands (and make sure to get sensitive hand-wash for this purpose)
3. Dry hands thoroughly
4. Find a good hand-cream and use it regularly throughout the day.
5. Buy a humidifier if you work in an office or have an overheated house.

The best hand-cream I've found is the body shop's hemp hand protector. I've seriously tried them all and this is the only one that works for me. HTH!

nutritionmum Thu 22-Oct-09 10:03:45

Thanks for your very interesting comments.

I've never had any skin complaints before so I am only assuming it is related to the pregnancy.

I will try the body shop hand cream. Thanks for that.

I used to use Ecover Handwash and it was fine but recently started using Dove and Simple so I may go back to Ecover and see if that helps too.

Any other suggestions welcome

LackingNicknameInspiration Thu 22-Oct-09 13:53:21


I suffer from eczema normally (generally on my hands) but it's got worse both times that I've been pregnant and spread to my face/eyes as well. Currently just about under control now am 35 weeks - always worst early on(although not enjoying the current weather conditions - cold and central heating never good) - and not as bad as first pg when I couldn't wear wedding or engagement ring either.

Would second the tip re using rubber gloves for washing up and using as little handwash as possible and, ideally, a sensitive skin wash. Always try and put handcream on after washing your hands - I realise it's a pain but it does help - and try wearing gloves outside now it's colder.

The other thing is that, irritatingly (no pun intended!), there never seems to be the same solution that works for everyone. My cousin swears by the body shop hemp cream but I cannot use it as it contains lanolin - as does E45 and they both make my skin worse. Have also never got on with DoubleBase, despite the fact that GPs seem to love it, so won't have it any more, I find it very drying. There are MASSES of emollients out there, so would suggest you speak to your GP, not least as you'll then get them on prescription. Ones that I've found very good are cetraban (although they don't like prescribing it as it's expensive), diprobase or the fantastically cheap acqueous cream. Bath oils such as oilatum or balneum also help (on prescrip or can buy from chemist) - they leave a fine film on the skin and have an anti-itch effect.

You can also use steroid cream whilst pregnant - I was only prescribed the very mild cream (0.1%) when pg with DD which just about helped - but that didn't help this time round so I spoke to GP and was prescribed a stronger cream which worked - thought it was better to use a stronger dose for a shorter period of time rather than to use a mild dose for ages. Doc's advice was that you need to put on a LOT of cream for it to go beyond the skin, and steroid cream is always applied sparingly. Have to stay, IME, doctors are always very wary of steroid creams, particularly around eyes/face, whereas when I've had referrals to specialists in the past, they've been much more relaxed about using them if needed, so long as it's for short amount of times. I generally find that they're fine for clearing up an outbreak but it's the management with creams etc which then keeps it at bay. Oh, and always use a non-bio soap powder, I find persil or own brand non-bios fine. Fabric conditioner can aggravate mine too, so maybe don't use that for a bit if you do?

Sorry that's been so long! Best summarised, I suppose, by a suggestion that you visit your GP if you can, if not take a trip to your local chemist and ask for a good emollient, some bath oil and keep moisturising! I suspect that a chemist would suggest you don't use steroid cream though as I always get told that, despite it being contrary to my GP's advice.

Hope you feel better soon smile

nutritionmum Thu 22-Oct-09 16:52:52

Thanks for that very detailed message! Wow! You're a knowledgeable bunch
I've been trying Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Cream with Jojoba Oil in and it seems to be calming it down!

I'll try not to use so much handwash too!

Babapapa Thu 22-Oct-09 18:53:20

I had very bad eczema on my hands until about 25 weeks - my right hand was cracked and bleeding and it was even painful to straighten it properly. It was so bad the itching was waking me up at night and of course the scratching made it even worse. I have always had dry/sensitive skin but never outright eczema before.It was aggravated by swimming pool chlorine and hand washing with regular soap.

The dermatologist advised me to minimise handwashing (not easy when you're pregnant during a flu epidemic and are constantly preparing food for your toddler/attending to their bathroom needs!) however I realised that I was probably overdoing it a bit on the handwashing and cut back. Also I swapped all the soaps in the house to an emolient brand called QV. I live in Dubai so not sure if you can get it in the UK - it's an Australian brand but I'm sure there's an equivalent in UK. I also bought a few tubes of QV hand cream so I always had one nearby (either in my handbag, upstairs or downstairs) to moisturise my hands with as regularly as possible. Needless to say rubber gloves are essential for washing up - and not using water that is too hot either. My OB and the dermatologist said it was okay to use steroid cream intensively for a week at a time every few weeks if necessary. Luckily I think I only had to use it a couple of weeks. I am now 35 weeks and haven't had a major flareup for a couple of months. I am convinced it's largely down to using the emolient soaps and hand cream. The emolient brands are very expensive but worth it - anything else - Dove etc (even though it claims to be non perfumed etc) just doesn't work.


Ohwhatacrapmasfear Thu 22-Oct-09 19:07:49

Hi, I also suffer from excema which leads to cracked hands /feet and generally itchy/scaly skin. Along with the advice given already, I have found that Aveeno cream both as an all over moisturiser and the actual Aveeno hand cream do provide some relief and minimise the red raw patches that develop. in fact I think the hand cream is one of the best I've used in terms of moisturising, soaking in well and not feeling greasy.

HTH smile

MummyToucan Thu 22-Oct-09 22:13:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepwhenidie Thu 22-Oct-09 22:26:29

I had exactly the same thing on my hands and feet and my mum sent me a tube of A-derma (Avione Rhealba) cream for irritated skin here - it is amazing, cleared up my very sore patches in just a few applications and it hasn't reappeared yet. Definitely worth a try.

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