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Little Confused Help Please

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mushumadness Thu 22-Oct-09 09:03:49


Im a little confused I have been checked over at the hospital twice in two days

the first time because of pink goo, they did internal said plug etc gone

second time because of pains, said cervix closed

so can the plug be gone and cervix closed

does this mean i have no chance of early labor before my induction on the 30th

thanks anna

brightonbleach Thu 22-Oct-09 09:14:49

hiya your plug can go days & days or hours before labour starts, its different for everyone so I hear! you probably have a better chance of going into labour naturally now before the 30th now that the plug has gone, but your baby will decide that for you... best of luck and try to relax! (I know, thats what everyone keeps telling me as well - am due for induction on tuesday & having no real signs of early labour before then...eek)

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