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Struggling with Crohns Disease, pregnancy and 21 month old...

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didsnbump Thu 22-Oct-09 08:41:03

Please help not sure i can cope much longer. My crohns disease has been flared up for a couple of months now but has got alot worse in the last 2 weeks. Im 24 weeks pregnant and have a 21 month old ds. Ive seen the doctor but have to wait to be refered to a specialist as im staying with my mum so have to see someone new.

Not sure how to cope anymore, my mum helps but she has a busy work and home life so its not been as relaxing as i had hoped!!

castille Thu 22-Oct-09 08:48:36

sadpoor you

I was in a v similar position (with a major UC flare up, not Crohns) when expecting my 2nd, so I know how awful it is.

My Mum took some compassionate leave from work to help look after me and DD1 while I was ill - can/would yours consider doing that?

Or is there any other family that can step in to look after your DS while you concentrate on looking after yourself?

My UC was stabilised with high-dose steroids after trying every other possible treatment, and I was fine by the time I gave birth, as was DD2, who was born tiny but in good shape.

Get as much help as you can.

didsnbump Thu 22-Oct-09 10:15:26

Everyone knows im not well but no one is offering to help. Im not one to ask as i normally live abroad so am so used to coping alone or with hubbys help when he is around. I came home thinking i would get more of a rest as family are about more than hubby is but its worked out worse for me.
Everyone is to busy with there own lives!!

castille Thu 22-Oct-09 13:15:40

I really feel for you.

Your situation is almost freakily like mine was at the time - I live abroad too and came back to my parents for a bit of respite when pregnant and ill.

When can you see the doctor? Can you make a fuss and push for a quicker appointment?

And most importantly you should have a chat with your Mum, tell her being there isn't helping, make it clear that you really can't cope with your toddler and feeling so ill while pregnant and ask for more help. Maybe she doesn't realise quite how awful you are feeling?

And if she can't help, ask if she can find someone who can - friends or neighbours who could at least babysit for a bit while you rest. Whose idea was it for you to come over?

didsnbump Thu 22-Oct-09 23:38:48

It was my idea to come home as things havent been great with DH for a little while so i thought the break would do me and us some good plus we are moving back to england in a few weeks so i thought me and ds out of the way would be a good idea, but to be honest i would have been better off staying.

I darent say anything to my mum as she works so hard herself, my sister is suffering with stress at the mo and my brother is in the process of going off to work a ski season, so i really dont feel i can ask. The only one poss is my mother in law. She has just reduced her work hours due to us moving home so she will prob have ds more for me now. But not sure when the reduction starts.

Its a mess really but am off to see the midwife here for the first time on monday so will see what she has to say about the apppointment and how soon i can get one.

Danthe4th Thu 22-Oct-09 23:49:17

There are local schemes where another mum can volunteer to come and help out for a few hours, I think its called homestart,ask the midwife or contact your local childrens centre and ask if there is any support available.
hope you feel better soon, I can't really sympathise with the crohns but I do have coeliac disease and had a rough time when I was pregnant.

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