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Isabella Oliver trousers?

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KittyTN Wed 21-Oct-09 23:01:39

Does anyone own the Essential trouser from IO? It looks a bit too bootcut for me and I'm not sure about the fabric - polyester/rayon. Pricey as maternity trousers go, so I don't want to make a bad buy. I had a much cheaper pair of mamas and papas trousers in last pregnancy that I hated so much I never wore so spending more (alot more) this time would be ok if they were definately good.

What about the Smooth Line trouser by IO? No chance people will confuse them with jogging pants? Slightly concerned about unfortunate wobbly bottom if fabric too soft/stretch!

bubblesincambridge Thu 22-Oct-09 09:37:55

I considered buying both of those, but decided that 60 quid for a pair of polyester trousers was way over priced. That's similar quality that you would get in Next for less than half the price.

Seraphine do some which are bit less, but I've found them comfortable. Mamas and Papas have a great range but none of them are under bump so haven't tried them.

KittyTN Thu 22-Oct-09 11:59:41

Thanks for the tip re Seraphine - I will have a look. I'm finding maternity clothes so depressing this time. Everything is extremely man-made, poorly styled and black. Being pregnant seems to involve dressing in Victorian mourning clothes! I did get a lovely bright purple knit top from Blooming Marv, nice with a white top underneath and my (nolonger fitting) non-maternity white jeans - Halloween costume with my black maternity skirts etc!

Have recently bought the IO Tie Knot dress in indigo as several special occasions coming up - very impressed with quality and style. Anyone have any thoughts re Noopies under bump boot cut jeans - look good online but do they work?

mitfordsisters Thu 22-Oct-09 13:24:39

Going to watch this thread intently as need a decent pair of maternity trews and never really cracked it last time. I also tyhink the IO dresses are fab - got a long sleeve brown one with bell sleeves that dresses up or down. Also I've got stretchy lycra skirts from American Apparel which are good with leggings. Maybe I will avoid the pregnancy trouser issue by only wearing skirts??

MoragG Thu 22-Oct-09 22:17:11

I have the IO esential trousers, and have been quite pleased with them. The material seems quite good quality - should be good for winter, as they were actually heavier than I had expected. I had to change the size though, as the waistband was quite tight - means they stay up pretty well, but was potentially going to be a bit uncomfortable unless I went up a size. I didn't think the price was too bad (less than you would pay for non-maternity trousers in e.g. Jigsaw/Hobbs).

KittyTN Thu 22-Oct-09 23:32:26

Thanks Morag - that's really helpful. Is it the under bump waist band that keeps them up or the jersey band? I think I'll probably order the essential, smooth line and tailored then choose between them. However the Seraphine trousers look interesting - their tailored trousers are 44% wool, not sure how useful the low waist will be as I get bigger though. No customer reviews.

Mitford - I ended up wearing just skirts and dresses last time (December birth). Tights and heels are the main draw back with that approach esp now I have a toddler to wrangle. I was hoping for some good trousers and a pair of jeans to be worn with low/mid heel boots. Seems a more appropriate look for struggling with a very angry small boy who wont go in buggy/car seat/highchair etc!

Alina77 Fri 23-Oct-09 04:54:55

I bought the Crave maternity trousers that have a completely soft waistband (no buttons) and the material is like a suit trouser, not polyestery at all but still machine washable. Was about 70 quid though, but looks so much more professional than the IO trouser you are talking about. Was shocked about how much those looked like a yoga pant! And that for 60 quid.... But the IO jersey is one of a kind, really high quality and they sure are comfortable.

MoragG Fri 23-Oct-09 15:45:51

Hi Kitty,
It's the waistband that keeps them up - I've found with other trousers that the jersey band is often not that good at keeping them up! I also have a pair from Seraphine (the bootleg ones) - bought on Wednesday, and a button has fallen off already...However, other than that I like them!

KittyTN Fri 23-Oct-09 22:32:13

Have just ordered the tailored trousers from Seraphine (largely because of wool content) and their dark bootcut jeans. Really looking forward to getting the jeans. Will probably reserve the 'yoga pants' style trousers for much later on! I've enjoyed the Blossom and Mama la mode sites too but they seem to be the next price bracket up from IO and Seraphine etc. with only 3 months to go I mustnt get too carried away! Planning to order IO scoop top and cami set, thinking about their portrait bracelet top and shawl cardigan too.

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