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Can you start early to improve your chances of not going overdue?

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mosschops30 Wed 21-Oct-09 11:28:21

Am 37 weeks now, but dd was 4 days late and ds was 15 days late and indiced.
Obviously with ds I didnt start doing the usual until I was about a week over (curries/sex/rasberry leaf tea/pineapple)

Is it worth starting these things now in the hope that I wont go over, or doesnt it make any difference? (they didnt help me go into labour before).

Also any benefit to having reflexology from now?

MamaG Wed 21-Oct-09 11:30:34

mosschops - I was in this boat last year, BabyG was due on 31 October and i keep smiling when I see your posts as it reminds me so much of where I was! Expat was due day before me nad we would regularly "meet" on here to complain and compare notes, ideas etc! Did you read what I put about me being overdue on yesterday's thread? The "could this be the start of something" thread?

mosschops30 Wed 21-Oct-09 11:48:02

<waves to MamaG> smile

yes I did, chill out and sit and eat biscuits (or did i dream that bit) grin

I am trying to relax, not really doing anything at all now, like I said have given up the swimming and pilates because I just cant be arsed although I did do the school walk this morning (took bloody ages am like a big fat slug).

Happy 1st Birthday to babyG coming soon then?

MamaG Wed 21-Oct-09 11:51:41

no, no, I meant the reasons why I feel i didn't go SO overdue with babyG! Yes he's 1 on 5th Nov shock

mosschops30 Wed 21-Oct-09 11:55:31

yes I know what you mean, but you know what its like its so hard to not focus on that due date even though you know the chances of you going on that date are remote!

Will try and relax about it all and just enjoy few weeks, am especially looking forward to next week because I wont have to get up every morning to take ds to school, so if baby came before that would be major inconvenience wink

Aww a whole year, it goes soooo quick doesnt it. Was your spont labour better than your first two induced ones? (only asking because my induced labour was better and shorter than first spontaneous one, although not sure if that was more to do with 2nd baby)

MamaG Wed 21-Oct-09 12:33:17

Yes its VERY hard not to focus on due date. And to listen to folk say "jsut enjoy the rst" - which is hard when you can't get comfy and you need to pee eveyr 5 minutes grin

My spont labour was better in that I managed the pain better, but he was back to back so I don't think it hurt less. I didn't deliver him naturally in the end though. With DS1 (second birth) that was SO QUICK! I had a sweep to get things moving, walked to delivery suite (down a flight of stairs and along a long corridor) and was there for 30 mins, pushed for 5! I was saying "ohhhhh I need to push, I can't push,I haven't had my epidural yet" grin MW laughed at me (in her eyes) and said "no time just push!"

mosschops30 Wed 21-Oct-09 12:39:33

MW says this baby is back to back. Do you mind me asking if that contributed to you not delivering no.3 naturally?
(am terrified of having a CS as work in anaesthetics and would like to pick my docs, which I obviously cant do if its an EMCS)

MamaG Wed 21-Oct-09 12:43:26

No, it didn't contribute at all

BabyG was enormous at 10lb 9oz (I'm 5' 3"!) and had got in a real tangle wiht the cord, so he would not have been delivered naturally.

I didn't find the B2B labour MORE painful than induced labour though.

When i was on del suite labouring, MW said she felt redundant! SAid all her recent mums had been 1st timers who really wnated her with them all the time, whereas DH and I were sat reading magazines and chatting and a bit "oh, hello there" when the MW came in grin - she was laughing at me as I straightened the sheets betwen contractions (I hate rumpled sheets!) - the perils of being a 3rd time mum!

I feel really excited for you actually mossy, I bloody LOVE having three children and the big gaps work to my advantage (DD is 10, DS 5) as they're so patient with the baby and loving. ITs fab

mosschops30 Wed 21-Oct-09 13:43:51

same here big gaps much better, dd 13 and ds nearly 5 now so theyre both really excited about helping out (well ds is, dd less so)

ooh you made me wince with that 10lb statement <shudder> but I hope it was ok for you in the end. Am worried about the B2B thing because a couple on the other thread have said it affected their ability to deliver naturally.
This will be my last pregnancy (allegedly hmm) and Im just praying I get my perfect birth this time round

MamaG Wed 21-Oct-09 13:52:15

I'll keep everything crossed for you. Why not start a "back to back" thread and see what others' experience was?

Hyena Wed 21-Oct-09 15:24:57

Mosschops - I feel for you. I'm due on 30th but DD was induced at 15 days overdue. She was B2B but I managed an unassisted delivery even though she didn't turn and was 8lb 6. Have been told that this LO is B2B too - must be my crap posture. Am wondering this same as you - although really don't want to do the deed unless I HAVE to.

mosschops30 Wed 21-Oct-09 17:27:38

thanks mamaG have done smile

hyena oh at last some good news about B2B labours grin - you havent got crap posture apparently its to do with tone and muscle hmm although how true that is I dont know!

Here's keeping everything crossed for both of us, will keep an eye out for your announcement thread smile

Hyena Thu 22-Oct-09 15:10:51

I heard the tone and muscle lies too wink. It's supposed to be related to strong tummy muscles which I def don't have anymore. Have just worked out that I'll be induced by/on Friday 13th if nothing happens before. It just gets better and better wink.

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