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English speaking midwife in Valencia ,Spain wanted

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Hjerling Tue 20-Oct-09 17:20:08

Hi I am moving to Valencia, Spain in December 09 and would like to know if anyone knows how to get in contact with a English (well or Swedish) speaking midwife there?

skydancer1 Wed 28-Oct-09 00:00:10

I live in valencia and will ask a few people - let you know.

vacaloca Wed 28-Oct-09 00:18:34

Have a look at this. It was set up by an English midwife and now people from all over spain go there to try and have a natural birth.

skydancer1 Thu 29-Oct-09 09:34:03

I found this on another discussion forum realted to the centre vacaloca linked above.. Hope it's ok just to cut and paste this much...

Do they have an English speaking midwife or doctor there?

There is an English midwife at the centre and I suspect our gynecologist speaks English but I don't know for sure.

Hmm, I guess unfortunately one of the most important questions is do you have any ideas on fees?

The documentary I mentioned previously suggested that the cost was 3.000?.

do you know of any English midwifes who work at any hospitals in Valencia

I know that they have another hospital in Valencia and if we were living in either Valencia or closer to Denia, we could arrange for a home birth. I'd give them a ring and ask to speak to Rachel - she's the midwife.

We had a great birth (easy for me to say, but I know my partner would agree), the whole environment was very friendly and supportive and really let us decide exactly what we wanted, with support just when we needed.

They do run a weekend course both in Spanish and English for expecting couples which was not only great fun, but invaluable - have a look at it.

Good luck!

mum2bevalencia Sun 03-Oct-10 10:28:03

I have posted on another thread but was wanting to know how you got on or if anyone can help me as I cannot afford private health cover

Well I am in a bit of a predicament really.
I am 26, live with my mum and dad in Casinos, near Lliria in Valencia, I am engaged to be married next August. He too lives with his parents and at the minute is not working.
I have found out I am pregnant (i think about 7 weeks) but have no health cover and my Spanish is about good enough to order a coffee!
I went to the local doctors today after getting a temp SIP card and they do not speak english and we have already spent over 100 euro's on a translator.
Does anyone live near me or think they can help with sharing their experience as I am really scared!
We know someone who is trying to get me on the social as i've had a quote for insurance inc pregnancy (as i am already pregnant) for over 3000 euro's!!
I have been out of UK over a year so aparently I am off the NHS, we used our e111 cards a few times for minor stuff at doctors out here, It would be hard going back to UK as we wouldn't have anywhere to live and money is really really tight (we were coned by our builder, estate agent and solicitor and spent all our families life savings sorting it out!)

camaleon Sun 03-Oct-10 10:45:40

I am spanish and I am not very clear about this. Is there no right for a translation in Spain at the doctors? I guess there is.

One think I would do is to register and post (in English if you cannot in Spanish) in this forum: on the topic 'embarazo'

They will give you a hand. I am sure

mum2bevalencia Sun 03-Oct-10 15:00:22

It is very rural and there are no English speakers at the doctors, i will look at your suggested forum, thank you

mum2bevalencia Sun 03-Oct-10 16:41:05

Dear Camaleon,
Thanks so much for the forum suggestion, I have already had 2 replies and it's putting my mind at rest smile

oggybags Sun 03-Oct-10 22:12:17

would it be an option to return to sweeden for the birth then back to spain afterwards? good luck

camaleon Mon 04-Oct-10 16:40:21

Glad you got some support. My intuition is that you have not registered yourself in Social Services asking for health cover. And therefore, you are probably only covered for 'emergencies', not for ordinary treatment.

I have checked and you are for sure allowed for translation but you need to sort out your status in Spain. I guess Spain is probably the most generous system in terms of universal cover in Europe but as I said, you need to be registered somehow to get routine treatments.

You have been there for a long time. It seems reasonable to regularise your situation.

skydancer1 Tue 12-Oct-10 22:02:49

HI I am sorry it's so difficult for you to get the info and help you need. Bummer how you were treated by builders/agents/solicitors etc!

I live in Valencia but it's taken me ages to get to the point (almost!) of getting a permanent SIP health card, and I believe I'm only getting that because I am working now and have paid tax for 3 months into the Spanish system and have a social security number. BUT, as far as I'm aware (sorry I am not sure as I have not been pregnant/wanting to give birth here) the temporary SIP should give you all the health care you would be entitled to in the UK - you have to just make sure to renew it on time as I think it only lasts about 10 months. But maybe if you're pregnant you are entitled to get onto the social security without work/tax. You could ask the central unemployment office in UK to send you a letter stating you are not receiving any UK benefits and speed it up that way, perhaps.

Try to find a bilingual friend who is happy to go with you to the doctors, rather than pay a fortune for a translator. The other thing I have done when stuck for help is use Google online translate to write out/print my problem and ask the doctor to WRITE any important advice back to you (it's clunky but it can help!). Good luck with it all.

valencianbaby Fri 16-Sep-11 11:37:14

I was just reading mum2bevalencia notice and sorry to hear of all the problems with the builder/estate agent etc. I am also in a similar situation and wonder how you managed to get on with the health card /sip problem? I speak a little spanish but its still hard to comunicate at the doctors at a medical level. at the moment I have my E111 and have looked into private health insurance only to find they dont cover pregnancy for at least 10 months.this is news to me. but its incredibly expensive anyway. any thoughts on what the spanish health service can offer me, and to what limit? thanks in advance

Asturimama Fri 16-Sep-11 15:49:18

Hello Valencianbaby,
I believe the helpline about getting an SIP have an option with English speakers on it, the number (free) is 900 662 000. Hope they can help you there.

Also this link may be useful:

There is a section on means-tested access if you have no income and also a different one regarding a specific scheme applying to Valencia. HTH

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