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Ligament pain (?) so bad thought I was going into an early labour!

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1mum1 Mon 19-Oct-09 17:40:42

Anyone else had this? Was up all night with it - every time I lay on either side it set off for 5-10 mins with a period pain type dragging ache in lower bump. Ended up getting checked out at day assesment maternity unit and all ok! (so felt silly!) but not really looking forward to 7 more weeks of it! Anyone had this experience?

NestaFiesta Tue 20-Oct-09 17:43:16

Had something very similar recently. I was almost bent double, but the pain was just on the one side. I'm 34 weeks and already having physio for SPD.

The pain was so bad I went to my GPs which is luckily only a few yards away. They diagnosed ligament pain and they were going to send me to maternity but I couldn't go as I had my DS (age 3) with me and no transport etc.

Anyway the pain went after lying still for an hour or two but comes back unexpectedly. It stops me from doing anything at all. I asked my physio about it and she said a heat pack can help and don't overdo it or carry anything too heavy on that side- even a handbag.

Hope this helps, you have my undying sympathy as a fellow sufferer.xx

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