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meggles Mon 19-Oct-09 15:01:51

my annual travel policy is up for renewal in a few weeks. we're TTC, and will hopefully be pregnant in the next year. when i go to renew/look for new policy in a few weeks, should I look for something in particular? i know about now flying past 36 weeks, but i will def be flying several times before then (work).

thanks in advance

roary Mon 19-Oct-09 15:26:20

Most travel insurance won't cover pregnancy-related conditions: some not at all, some after a certain number of weeks, some before. I doubt you'll find one which will be all that useful to you in the event of having to cancel because of pregnancy, but you never know! The annual ones might have some better deals. That being said there are very few reasons you can't fly before 36 weeks (the long haul cut-off is occasionally earlier, so check). Other than that you might not feel well enough!

LunaticFringe Mon 19-Oct-09 15:37:46

Message withdrawn

alarkaspree Mon 19-Oct-09 15:47:02

The insurance company we used to get annual travel insurance with wouldn't issue me a policy when I was pregnant. You might want to ask them what happens if you get pregnant during the time covered by the policy.

If you need to travel for work won't your company insure you?

bubblesincambridge Mon 19-Oct-09 16:52:01

Boots wouldn't issue me with a single trip policy that would cover me beyond 24 weeks. However M&S didn't have any time limits on their policy. Their annual policy may have the same terms and conditions, so try them.

angfirsttimer Mon 19-Oct-09 20:06:14

Aviva said they didn't need to know about pregnancy said something about not being able to discriminate. This was for single trip though may be different with annual.

mumof2222222222222222boys Mon 19-Oct-09 20:32:26

I rang a lot of insurers when pg with DS1 - I wanted to fly to Bermuda to see DH who was there with the Navy. 7 months was the cut off. 6 months and 29 days - ok. 7 months and 2 days (as I would have been on return - not ok). We didn't take the risk even though the airlines would have flown me.

roary Mon 19-Oct-09 20:47:00

Whether or not they need to know beforehand is a separate question: the big question you have to ask is if they will cover any conditions related to pregnancy/maternity. Ie, they could well cover you if you break your leg, but they won't cover you if you have to be admitted to hospital with, say, pre-eclampsia.

Chynah Tue 20-Oct-09 09:35:56

I travelled quite a lot both long haul & Europe whilst pregnant with DS and my insurance wasn't bothered as long as I was less then 27 weeks on my return(anything more they wanted dosctors assurances etc).

alana39 Tue 20-Oct-09 09:49:41

I couldn't find a mainstream policy on price comparison sites (was buying in a panic the day before we left for holiday blush) that covered you past 26 weeks pg. I guess because they're worried you might need special care which is so expensive. However if you're travelling in the EU I would have thought the reciprocal arrangements (little card thing now has replaced the E111) would cover you for your care anyway so depending on where you might be thinking of going this could be worth investigating.

flyingma Wed 21-Oct-09 14:24:00

DH and I also had an annual worldwide travel insurance in place when we got pregnant. It covered me up to this week (28) but does state that it does not cover pre-existing medical conditions (even if pregnancy related).

I'd pay attention to what LunaticFringe said coz it's not only the cover (small print) you are interested in, but also how the company handles claims.

We were with Direct Travel who sorted DH out and brought him home when he broke his leg on a lads' skiing holiday. Claims dept were fab, no hassle once they had all the details. They aren't the cheapest company you will find but not the most expensive either. Customer services are also very friendly so I'd give them a call with your specific details and see what they come back to you with. We will be with them for as long as their annual policy pricing remains reasonable (thus far for 4 years).

LunaticFringe Wed 21-Oct-09 19:19:54

Message withdrawn

westlondongirl Wed 21-Oct-09 20:03:27

Try Ravenhall's Pregnant Traveller Policy. I have used them for my upcoming trip at christmas and they do offer insurance after 32 weeks

flyingma Wed 21-Oct-09 21:25:51

LunaticF Oh I didn't realise. I travelled around 16 weeks but not since. Just gone past the point of cover so the policy does not cover me from now onwards which is fine. It is out of line that they advise you to put a claim through then reject it though...

LunaticFringe Wed 21-Oct-09 22:12:46

Message withdrawn

donttrythisathome Sat 24-Oct-09 01:24:46

You do not need to declare pregnancy on a travel insurance policy.

As of December 21 2008, the EU has issued a new gender directive that makes it unlawful to subject either a man or woman to less favourable treatment because of his or her gender.

It is however also worth checking the individual transportation provider’s terms and conditions regarding pregnancy prior to booking.

A helpful site for information regarding this matter is:

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