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Has anyone had swine flu and Relenza followed by a healthy baby?

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whensmydayoff Mon 19-Oct-09 14:30:23

Im just curious.

It bugs me that they tell us about the few pregnant woman who have died with swine flu but not told us if many have had it (officially) and been fine.
I'd also like to know if any babies have been born healthy after taking relenza? Or even after having swine flu and no Relenza.
Again, never mentioned.
I sometimes wonder why such basics aren't covered on the TV so we know what we are up against.
Imagine if it turns out thousands of pregnant woman have had it and been fine and we are all panicking and considering that decidedley dodgy vaccine!

blondieminx Mon 19-Oct-09 22:46:55

Over the summer I had swine flu at 14 and a half weeks (think I got it from a fellow London commuter) and after much agonising about what to do for the best, on the advice of both the GP and midwife I took Relenza (started taking it the evening of the day I got ill). But I was still ill for 9 days so for me at least, it didn't seem to shorten the life of the flu bug.

I then spent the next 6 weeks (till my 20 week scan that was done at 21 weeks cos of holiday) worrying myself sick about it. The sonographer said that everything looked absolutely perfectly normal on the scan - I'm now 28 weeks and getting lots of lovely kicks, so I am keeping everything crossed that BlondieBump is all ok in there!

FWIW I found swine flu to be no worse than ordinary flu - the only thing that was worse is the fact that you can only have paracetamol but nothing stronger e.g. night nurse, beechams powders etc when you're pregnant...

tostaky Wed 21-Oct-09 09:39:23

I know someone who had swine flu when she was 17 weeks pregnant. She started the course of relenza but was so worried she stopped after three days. And doctors dont know if that's related but baby came out 5 weeks early with breathing problems (now absolutly fine).

LennyW Wed 21-Oct-09 14:25:35

I had swine flu (I think - though not officially diagnosed, of course) at about 10 weeks and took Relenza. I'm now 24 weeks and all scans etc. seem fine. Baby not due till Feb, though, so I'm afraid I can't elaborate any more than that. I agree, though, it would be good if we could get some info on how many healthy babies have been born to mothers who have taken a course of Relenza.

pecanpie Wed 21-Oct-09 14:31:06

Friend had swine flu late in pregnancy and she and baby were fine

whensmydayoff Thu 22-Oct-09 22:32:25

Great stuff, keep them coming!
Pecanpie Did friend have it diagnosed and was Relenza prescribed/taken?

HelishAngel Sat 24-Oct-09 14:00:54

I had swine flu and a course of Tamiflu before I knew I was pregnant. I was prob 3-4 wks at the time. All seems well currently (now 17+2) but I guess I won't know if the babe has been affected in any way for sure until they arrive.

Naetha Sat 24-Oct-09 14:02:24

I'll let you know if my baby ever turns up!

whensmydayoff Sun 25-Oct-09 18:32:00

Helishangel Don't worry, I bet your babe will be perfect. It's amazing how many people have done things or taken things before they realised they were PG. They are very resilient little things.
I was 4 weeks PG with DS and didn't realise and had the biggest bender of my life. I had a 3 day hangover (was around time of 30th). I partied alot around time of conception and early PG. My mum re-married and we went on honeymoon with them to Benidorm - say no more hmm.
You have to drink to enjoy it!!
I turned 30 and we also went away for the weekend. Not usually a massive drinker so chose my timing well, not!
DS is perfectly healthy.
Luckily with this one (30 weeks) I never drink nowadays anyway - lucky no 2!
Just watch this thread, ive stuck it under parenting too and I bet we get loads of reasurance.
I saw one saying in zew zealand and australia they give tamiflu to PG woman. They are well into winter now so I bet loads of babies been born since wink.

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