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Cord Blood Banking?

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QTPie Mon 19-Oct-09 10:22:32

I posted this on the Childbirth forum, but no answers yet... so trying here.

Has anyone any experience/recommendations for this? I appreciate that it is a sort of "baby insurance policy" that may never be used (i.e. having cord blood collected and then stored for 25 years). You pay £1500/£1800 to collect and store something that you pray that you will never have yo use.

We saw three companies at the Baby Show this weekend:
- Smart Cells
- Future Health
- UK Cord Blood Bank Ltd

I spoke to the former company the most, but perhaps the latter company seemed the most medical/laboratory based (which seemed more technicallly reassuring).

Anyone have experience or any opinions (on which company, rather than whether to do it at all or not...)? I appreciate that it is difficult to have "full" experience unless you have needed to actually use the cells (i.e. the collection can be fine, but you don't know whether they were effectively collected and stored until you come to use them).


ninedragons Mon 19-Oct-09 10:32:51

We've done it, but not in the UK so afraid I can't help you there.

It was expensive, but DD could well be an only child and doesn't even have any cousins, so we felt we had to do anything now we possibly could.

Good luck. I mentioned it once before on here a long time ago and got a bit of a pasting from someone who thought I was jinxing my child. I hope she's fucked off by now.

alana39 Mon 19-Oct-09 11:41:17

I don't know anything about the private companies, but can I just mention that there is an alternative which is the national cord bank?

It's free, you just need to ask at your hospital (ours has posters up everywhere) and is obviously then there to help any child that might need it.

In no way criticising your plans to use a private bank (ninedragons that's terrible it's nobody else's business what you do with things like this) but I wasn't aware there was a national bank until I went to a refresher antenatal class.

QTPie Mon 19-Oct-09 11:43:04

Thanks ninedragons.

Ours will probably be an only child too: I would love another, but at the moment (following an MC, a few pregnancy scares and SPD) I wouldn't look forward to another pregnancy.

Also this child will be mixed race (half Chinese, half white) - so getting a match from a donation (if needed) from elsewhere would be VERY tough.

Silly woman... it is like saying you shouldn't buy car/house insurance because you jinx your car/house wink. What will happen will happen and, sometimes, there is nothing we can do to prevent it: the only thing we can do is be as prepared as possible to deal with these things if they arise...


QTPie Mon 19-Oct-09 11:46:45

Thanks alana39... it IS a good point (and many people are not aware of it).

I know, I am being selfish blush (well not for me, but for my child).

I think that I am quite mindful that we will have little chance of getting a match ourselves from donations (because of the child being mixed race). I know that would make a donation from us (to a national cord blood bank) EVEN more valuable... blush


alana39 Mon 19-Oct-09 11:51:21

No I quite understand QT - I don't think you're being selfish and I only mentioned it because I happened to be talking to a friend about it this morning so your thread caught my eye. I may well have done the same if I wasn't on 3rd bout of time off work in 6 years grin. Good luck in finding out more.

QTPie Mon 19-Oct-09 12:04:35

Thanks alana39... I have a terrible conscience, so do feel selfish (even about the tinniest of things). That is just me: I normally get a reality check every day or so (when the rest of the world is generally less curtesy... [hmmm] ).

I think that I need to ring the hospital where I hope to have the baby (and the back-up hospital). I was edging towards the UKCBB, but notice that they require the hospital to do the collecting... (so that will only work if the hospital is prepared to collect it for you). Some other services will come out and take the sample (although, again, that requires the hospital to be in agreement...).


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