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CBD conception indicator - would this worry you?

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helenlouisey Sun 18-Oct-09 14:17:52

Hi - am getting myself very worked up. I did a CBD pregnancy test on CD28 (I have regular cycles and ovulated on either CD14 or CD15 this cycle) and it said 1 -2 weeks from conception so I would be 3-4 weeks pregnant and made sense as was exactly 4 weeks pregnant.

However 5 days later when I was 4 + 4 weeks pregnant, I did another test (which I am now regretting) and it said 3 weeks +, so would indicate I was over 5 weeks pregnant, when actually I was only 4+4, I know we are only talking a difference of approx 3 or 4 days but am getting very worked up about it and worrying that I have high hcg levels for some reason. Please someone reassure me

Thank you

MandaHugNKill Sun 18-Oct-09 14:26:51

These things are an indicator only - not an exact science! Hcg levels in healthy pregnancies can vary wildly from woman to woman and still be within 'normal' range.

You really really shouldn't worry. I'm also a memeber of a forum/due date club where most of the members are american and as such most have their hcg beta measured twice at the beginning of their pregnancy. Some of the women had VERY high levels to which everyone wittered 'oh, maybe twins!' and the four women who infact are expecting twins, well, their betas were not particularly high!

It's one of those 'we're all different' things. Just remember the conception indicator is just that; an indication. Relax.

And congratulations!

katster37 Sun 18-Oct-09 19:38:08

I would be much more concerned if the level had obviously dropped! They are notoriously unreliable anyway, and I think I remember it saying on the packet I had that they become less effective as the pregnancy progresses. I'm sure everything's absolutely fine, and congrats!!! I remember stressing that mine said 1-2 weeks when I was sure I was 6 weeks pregnant. I am now 35 weeks!

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