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uncomfortable...need some comfy clothes & shoes!

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Babybear1 Sun 18-Oct-09 11:21:38

I'm 28 weeks pregnant & just can't seem to find comfy clothes that fit properly! Anyone know where I can get a nice pair of skinny jeans? have ordered so much from next & have had to send them back as they not fitting size 6 too tight size 8 massive!!! also battling with having to be short leg measurement. during my first pregnancy was comfy in below the bump jeans but this time round they're not at all comfy!! Just bought a pair of jeans from new look then paid for them to be shortened & now can't wear them as they're too uncomfy! Have a pair of Mamas & papas jeans tat I'm living in. Also facing the same prob with shoes, feet are beginning to swell so need a wide pair of trendy black trainers or casual shoes.........any ideas? I'm not normally this grumpy...I promise! hmm

gizzy1973 Sun 18-Oct-09 17:39:10

i have had a problem with shoes as have wide feet and they seem to be even wider now so ended up buying mens trainers as they are wider and more comfy

get a pair of bump braces (think thats the name) to hold trousers up if they are a little big - they are a godsend to me

have found jeans uncomfy so got a pair of dungarees and also some cheap jogging bottoms from primark - have mens ones as i am a size 12/14 normally so need much bigger sizes than you

morethemerrier Mon 19-Oct-09 21:13:05

On the comfy shoes front, I am going to finally give in and invest in a pair of genuine ugg boots! My sil is 31 weeks pregnant and lives in hers, assures me they will be worth it over the winter! Also look great with leggings that maternity fave x

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