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anyone expecting a Christmas Baby??!

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waitingwaiting Sun 18-Oct-09 08:40:29

Hi there,
I'm 30 weeks and due 21st December, anyone else out there having a Christmas baby!?
How are you all getting on?????

maybebaby23 Sun 18-Oct-09 09:22:31

Hi! Im due 31st dec but having a section on 29th so im 29+3.

A little worried incase baby decides to come on christmas day!! Are you? Especially as i have 3YO DD as well...fingers crossed she waits for her date lol.

Do you know the sex of yours or will it be a suprise? We are expecting another pink one

Catz Sun 18-Oct-09 09:30:11

The 4th Dec here so hopefully not a Christmas baby! There are lots of us on the 'due in Dec' thread here so come and and say hello.

TheBlairSnitchProject Sun 18-Oct-09 09:40:23

There are loads of

TheBlairSnitchProject Sun 18-Oct-09 09:41:33

I'm due on the 27th by the way but will probably be having an elective section so DD should be here before Christmas day!

BeckyBendyLegs Sun 18-Oct-09 11:56:36

I was born on Christmas Day - the best day to be born! You get loads of attention because people feel sorry for you, loads more presents than anyone else, and no-one forgets your birthday

TheBlairSnitchProject Sun 18-Oct-09 12:47:06

A heartfelt "Thank you" for that Becky. I've had loads of people tell me how awful it is to be born near or on Christmas Day and I'd been quite down about it.

It's good to know it can be great too grin

whensmydayoff Sun 18-Oct-09 16:21:06

Im due 6th Jan but my DS was 3.1 weeks early so im convinced im going to be early again.
Im so worried about spoiling my DS's (2.5) xmas by going into hospital sad.
Im glad you said that becky, I worried about poor baby having rubbish birthdays!
Still though, christamas seems so special this year, I want to put my tree up now and lie on the sofa with DS and DH watching christmasy stuff like Polar Express grin and expecting the best present ever! x

Weegle Sun 18-Oct-09 16:50:35

Looks like I'll be having 2! I'm expecting identical twins and my section date has just been booked for the 23rd. I actually don't feel that worried about being in hospital over Christmas. DS will be 3.5 and hasn't had enough time to build up Christmas expectations yet, so we'll celebrate before I go in, then he can do stocking etc at home with DH before bringing it all in to show mummy and his new sisters later in the day. The only thing that has really stressed me out is getting childcare in place for DS as my family weren't exactly forthcoming. But begrudgingly my parents are now going to be down over the time I am in hospital. Hoping all the Christmas fuss and new toys means DS is a little less sidelined by the twin aspect of getting two new siblings! We're also moving into rented accom early Dec so I just haven't the time to stress about Christmas itself!

Bump02 Sun 18-Oct-09 22:51:04

Hi waitinwaiting I too am due on 21st December...and just worked out that is 63 days woo hoo!!! Good luck hun Hope you are getting as excited as me smile

So far my pg has been okay, starting to feel very tired again now and getting comfortable is just not an option anymore, but it will all be worth it. This is my 2nd child, ds is 8 years old so it feels like the 1st time all over again! How about you? Hope you are feeling okay and pg is treating you kindly?!

BexieID Sun 18-Oct-09 23:17:38

I'm due xmas day! Feel like headbutting people when they say 'thats a nice xmas present', lol. I was 6 days late with Tom, so will probably be late with this one. I have been told that you get xmas dinner and a wee pressie if you do have your baby xmas day.

shinybaubles Mon 19-Oct-09 07:51:11

My little one will be delivered on the 24th so Christmas Eve and I will be in hospital on Christmas day but my lovely sis abd bil will be staying with to ensure ds 3.6 gets totally spoilt and won't notice I'm gone.

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