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Telling manager about another pregnancy - WWYD?

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FullMooniMarmite Sat 17-Oct-09 14:55:10

I returned to work 4 weeks ago after being on maternity leave for one year plus A/L. I discovered I was pregnant again the day before I returned to work.

I'm now 8 weeks pregnant and having an early scan on Monday (having had a MMC before).

If all goes well with the pregnancy I am likely to be back at work 6/7 months before going on ML again. I work in a job where projects have to be planned quite far in advance (i.e. I already have some things in my diary that I would not be able to do).

My manager and I work at different locations and I'm seeing her on Tuesday for the first time since returning and I'm not sure when I will next see her again (probably late Nov or some time in December but likely to be 'showing' anyway).

If all is well with the scan would you:
a) tell her on Tuesday at face to face meeting
b) tell her on the phone before I next see her
c) wait until I next see here
d) something else!

I want to get the right balance between not seeming like I've just got back and I'm about to go away again and giving her plently of time to plan for handover, oh, and not finding out through rumour/someone else.



dal21 Sat 17-Oct-09 15:02:43

Hi - firstly congrats!

How are you feeling this pregnancy? Are you suffering obvious symptoms that would have colleagues guessing?

Also - you will show much quicker this time round. I was out of my normal tailored shift dresses etc by 7 weeks the second time round. Need for floaty tops was what gave me away.

Nonetheless I waited until my 12 week scan to fess up. Was the worst kept secret...but you are well within your rights not to tell any earlier.

It is only another 4 weeks or so to wait...that surely isnt leaving her with too little time to plan a handover is it?

FullMooniMarmite Sun 18-Oct-09 19:00:19

Thanks smile

Feeling quite nauseous but only in the office one day a week as I mostly work from home so that's manageable. The most obvious thing will be the growing bump!

I think I would like to wait a bit longer before telling her really I think I just don't want her to find out from someone else!

mrsjammi Sun 18-Oct-09 19:06:01

Message withdrawn

tostaky Mon 19-Oct-09 09:12:08

I've been back for a month now and im 17 weeks. I havent told my boss because i dont see him very often. i'll tell him as soon as i have the opportunity because im showing and have told a few people.
I dont mind him hearing the news through the grapevine though.
At first i wanted to hide my pregnancy because i thought i wouldnt get to work on big projects (like i did before first pregnancy. well, im still not working on big projects so i am un-motivated and just dont care now. i cant wait for my next mat leave to start mid-feb and spend more time with my DS and this baby.

by law you dont have to tell your employers before you are 25 weeks.

marfonds Fri 23-Oct-09 11:23:03

Hi, I returned to work after 13 months off with my first baby, and the day I returned I was actually 12 weeks pregnant. I waited a couple of weeks until I saw my boss face to face as she's in a different office and then confessed. I will only have been here 6 months when I leave for this maternity leave!
I think its quite common, so wouldn't worry about it. Wait till 12 week scan and then confess.
Good luck!

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