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Did any of you ladies get pregnant and stay pregnant with a short Luteal Phase?

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hippychick66 Sat 17-Oct-09 12:11:14

Hi, I'm trying to conceive number 3 baby but I'm knocking on a bit (43!)

I am still ovulating on or around day 14 each month but seem to be having quite short Luteal phases. Since removal of my coil I've had 3 X 11 day phases and the last one was only 7 days sad.

Anyway, my lovely GP has given me progesterone gel to insert from day 18 -21 to help keep my womb lining in place. The thing that worries me is that i think a short LP can be the cause of an early miscarriage and I'm now kind of terrified to keep ttc. I keep thinking that I'll manage to get the coveted BFP but then lose it early.

Anyone experienced this???????

PandaEis Sat 17-Oct-09 20:47:50

i am TTC number 2 and i have a varying short LP. (between 6-11 days) i have evened out to about 10-11 days for the past few months an i think this was caused by a combination of my underactive thyroid and my coil cos AFAIK i had no LP problems until i had my coil removed 2 years ago. i have had 4 early MCs since then but since my LP settled down i have had none (also no BFP but there we gohmm) if your GP is happy to give you progesterone to lengthen your LP then i would take advantage as that would give any preg a good start due to the need for good prog levels to sustain early pregnancysmile
good lucksmile
xx ei xx

hippychick66 Sat 17-Oct-09 20:56:47

Thanks, that's interesting about your coil being removed and getting short LP. I never had it before either. I was always 28 days on the dot. what does AFAIK mean????

Sorry to hear about your early MC's (how awful for you sad)- did the docs link them to the LP or something else.

Good luck to you too grin These are fab arn't they - I guess they have xmas ones too!

Tweetinat Sun 18-Oct-09 13:36:10

My LP was/is 11 days and I'm now 39weeks pregnant

MandaHugNKill Sun 18-Oct-09 13:41:12

AFAIK = as far as I know

High dose vit B6 is known to improve a short LP. It's probably best to take as a high dose multi B as taking high dose B6 can disguise other B vit deficency. Besides which there's another B vit that is imperitive to egg development (can't recall which one off the top of my head now!) There's lot of research and anecdotal evidence on the web if you take a look... My LP was slightly shorter when my mirena was remvoved after 9 years and within two months of taking the multi B (plus agnus castus - you may want to research that too!) my LP had straightened out (I was charting) and I was pregnant. THe other great thing about taking a high dose B vit is you will be getting the recommended dose of folic acid PRIOR to falling pregnant which is optimal when helping prevent spina bifida.

Holland and Barratt do a good one. I'd start with their B-50 and if you don't notice any improvement after a couple of months, either take two a day or buy their B-100. B vits are water soluable so you will pass anything you don't need (and you'll notice bright yellow wee!). Some women notice side effects at very high doses (taking 2 B-100's for instance) that include tingly limbs. This is a sign you're taking too much and should cut back. But it's far more sensible to start lower and increase rather than jump in at a very high dose.

katster37 Sun 18-Oct-09 19:35:23

My LP was between 9 and 11 days. I had a chemical pregnancy first, then got pregnant the month after, and am now 35 weeks. I used progesterone cream until 12 weeks and high dose B6 plus a general B vitamin supplement - I think it was the B100 that MandaHugNKill mentions. I also took a vit C supplement as this is meant to help LPD. I also took Agnus Castus while TTC and stopped at ovulation. Hope this helps, and good luck!

hippychick66 Sun 18-Oct-09 19:45:25

Thanks to all for the positive stuff. I have been feeling so negative since finding out about this whole LPD thing sad, but you've helped me enormously. To hear from someone who got preg with an LP of 11 days is great cos that's what mine was until the last one which was incredibly short.

My GP didn't seem to think much of the whole vit B6 thing - she said I could take them if I liked but she didn't think they'd do the trick. My sis says that GP are very against anything that isn't 'real' medicine. I've been taking 50mg of B6 but might try the ones recommended at H&B.

Many thanks to tweet, Man and Kat you've made this old hippy feel better! grin

XavierOnassis Sun 18-Oct-09 19:53:07

I seemed to have a LP of 10 days the three months or so it took me to conceive DC3. I was using OPKs, then getting period 10 days later, not 14. I'd had two previous pregnancies fairly recently before without the same issue and brief googling said it could be an problem. But before I could work myself up into too much of a panic I got pregnant, all fine, 8 months later = baby.

Been on the pill since. I'd be interested to know if I still would naturally a short LP and if so what the cause was . But I'm not going to stop the pill just to find out grin

Good luck TTC smile

hippychick66 Sun 18-Oct-09 19:56:21

Thanks Xav, more positive stuff. I was thinking about forgetting it all earlier today cos I was so sure I was in for a whole load of early MC's. But feeling a lot better now. I'm off to investigate all the things recommended here.


hippychick66 Sun 18-Oct-09 20:01:51

Katster can i just check - did you ask your GP if it was ok to take the agnus castus? Also do you just take it for the first part of the month and then stop once you know you've ov'd???

Ouchhhh Sun 18-Oct-09 20:18:32

I got pg 1st attempt with an LP of 11 days smile. I have a 27 day cycle and always OV on day 16.

Was 35 too, so not exactly old but not exactly a sprung chicklet either.

I have read that an LP has to be at least 10 days long to support a pg so it seems 11 days is long enough even though it's shorter than the "average" 14 days.

Am thinking of trying for no2 and am taking B6 just in case as I have heard it helps with the LP also I have thyroid probs so is apparently good for that too.

Good luck!

hippychick66 Mon 19-Oct-09 17:06:36

thanks ouchhhh. Did you choose your name when in labour????????????grin

Ouchhhh Mon 19-Oct-09 20:24:05

Ha, no, I felt not a thing as bebe came out the sunroof smile

I cut my finger the other day hence the new name, the finger was infinitely more painful than the birth grin

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