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Nuchal Test Results - Only mentions Downs.

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thedollshouse Sat 17-Oct-09 11:19:42

I have just received my nuchal test results for downs. The results are very good 1:2400, the letter is headed Antenatal screening for Down's Syndrome and the test results relate to downs syndrome only. I was under the impression that they also tested for Edwards syndrome and Spina Bifida too but the letter doesn't even mention these conditions. It says that you will not be required to undergo any further tests so can I assume that my results for the other conditions were also good?


Homebird8 Sat 17-Oct-09 11:32:24

I may be wrong but I thought the triple test was for that. Measuring the nuchal fold only relates to Downs and the ratio is calculated to include your age etc.

freudianslips Sat 17-Oct-09 12:08:10

I queried this with my results too. Apparently the body that regulates scanning in the UK now advises that screening results in the first tri only refer to Downs, with best practice being to check for markers of Edwards / Patau syndrome at the 20 week scan. When I spoke to the lab technician about this she agreed that it seemed pretty stupid, mentioned that she did actually have the Edwards / Patau results right in front of her and told me informally that the risk was 'very low' for both.
It is beyond me why the regulatory body has made this recommendation, but this is certainly what I was told when I wondered the same as you.
As for spina bifida, I think the best practice is also to check at the 20 week scan although I do know that in some areas the 16 week bloodwork can indicate elevated risk too .. but I haven't been offered that.
I've just tried to do a search to find a link to the body that regulates scanning in the UK, but can't find it. Sorry! I do know that some centres have implemented these regulations and some haven't, so I think that they must be fairly new.

HelishAngel Sat 17-Oct-09 20:54:28

I've not had chance to read but is there anything here about it freudianslips:

thedollshouse Sun 18-Oct-09 09:09:35

Thanks everyone.

Neeko Sun 18-Oct-09 09:24:58

I'm in South West Scotland and we don't get offered a nuchal scan, just the voluntary blood test at 16 weeks for Downs and Spina Bifida. The 20 week scan is used to check all sorts of things here but not going to worry about that unless they find something...

Millarkie Sun 18-Oct-09 09:31:27

The nuchal test without bloods is used as a marker for Downs and for cardiac abnormality. If bloods are added then it can sometimes show high risk for Edwards and another couple of very very rare syndromes.
The second trimester blood test can show high risk for spina bifida (as well as Downs, Edwards, Patou) but since it uses different chemical markers to the first trimester test (which is used alongside the nuchal) the first trimester test cannot be used for spina bifida. This is now looked for at the 20week scan.

thedollshouse Sun 18-Oct-09 09:37:18

I had the combined blood test/scan at 13 weeks. I was unsure about having the test as I knew that I wouldn't have an amnio if the results showed a high risk of downs but the lady carrying out the blood test said that it would show up a risk of spina bifda too. I think I might give them a ring tomorrow. I spoke to a friend who had the test at the same hospital and her letter only mentioned downs but she was told it tested for other conditions too.

Millarkie Sun 18-Oct-09 09:40:15

Thedollshouse - ask if they tested for 'AFP' which is the marker for spina bifida. They may be doing it seperately to the markers that they use for Downs screening..but it isn't one of the markers generally used in the nuchal+blood Down screen test in first trimester.

sarahjane32 Fri 06-Nov-09 19:22:57

Hi Ladies,

Well where do I start...... When I found out I was pregnant i was over the moon, I told my partner in such a special way, we decided not to tell anyone until after we had our first scan and we knew that everything was ok.
The weeks went by and finally the day of our 12 week scan arrived we were so excited, the scan was just amazing and our baby actually looked like a perfect little bundle, we could see everything so clearly and we were both so emotional, I had the blood test and took our picture and showed our family our 13 week 4 day old baby, They were so overjoyed.

2 days later we got a phone call from the hospital to say that the test shew that I was high risk, 1 in 120 it felt as though our whole world had been blown apart, I really do not think that I have ever cried so much.
My partner was so amazing he really was my rock, and I love him so much.
The results came through on a Friday and we had to wait until the Monday to see a consultant. That weekend felt like the longest of my life, Monday came and we spoke to an excellent consultant who booked us in two weeks later for an Amneo.
The Amneo was an emotional experience but again the Consultant did a good job at making me feel as calm as I could be, and my partner was just excellent and my sister who is also a midwife was by our side and was a great help to us both.

we decided to pay for a fast track service to get the results back in 24 hours, I arranged a courier to collect the test, it got to the hospital the next day they called me at 9am to say it had arrived. At 4.15 the same day the hospital called to say my results were back and they were all ok, both myself, my partner and our family were so over the moon, but as with amnion’s there is a risk of miscarriage so I had to take it easy, and still will for a week.
I visited the midwife 3 days after the Amneo and heard our Baby's heartbeat!, another amazing experience!!

The reason I am writing is because this website gave me so much help a few weeks ago when we found out the shocking news and I just feel that I want to help other people who this happens to.

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