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washing clothes

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Was wondering when the best time would be to wash all babies clothes im almost 26 weeks now and all his clothes are being stored in big storage boxes till i get the HIP grant to buy drawers, most of the clothes are 2nd hand.

Do I have to wait till the end or can I do it all early?


MrsMc82 Sat 17-Oct-09 08:07:57

Hi iate
i'm 26 weeks too.... Not going to do any baby clothes washing till i've got somewhere to put all of them as we've not drawers yet either cos we're moving in 6 weeks (eeek)!! They're all laid out in the spare room at the mo and i keep just re folding them!
Got a few girlfriends that had babies in last few weeks and they just waited till they were on mat leave to wash everything....

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