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Weight loss during pregnancy :(

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ArghhhhmazingBouncingSpider Fri 16-Oct-09 13:43:16

Im currently 32 weeks pregnant and when I weighed myself (several different sets of scales!) I have averaged at 61kg (9.6 stone) trouble is at my booking in appt when I first got pregnant I was 64kg (10 stone)

Ive definitely lost the weight in my face, arms and legs, theres quite a noticable difference but my bump always steadily got bigger. But now ive got the proof of weight loss im worried about the baby.

My midwife is on annual leave till next week and im not sure if this is enough of an emergency to contact the stand in.

I feel okish, just tired all the time and have a lack of appetite, I tend to eat because I know the baby needs it rather than because I need to. Im sometimes sick, but not everyday and when I am I "see stars" and get a bit dizzy, Im not sure if thats linked?

Just wondered if anyone had any advice at all.
Thanks in advance.

Antiquarian Fri 16-Oct-09 16:16:52

Hello! I don't think it's totally abnormal to either not put on that much weight or to lose a bit of weight when you're pregnant, especially if you've lost your appetite and are being sick. You're probably just not eating enough to maintain your weight but that will affect you and not the baby.

I remember being worried about my weight loss. I phoned the midwife on duty at one point (think I was about five months preg at the time) as I was worried, and she basically told me (in a nice way) that she wasn't remotely interested! That's why they don't bother weighing you after the first check-in appointment, because your weight isn't that relevant, especially if you're not very overweight (and probably not even then)! As long as everything else is fine, they seem to think it's fine.

But having said that, have you mentioned it to your midwife at all, and what has she said? Why don't you call the stand-in for a quick chat? It's always best to speak to them, just in case, I think.

NestaFiesta Thu 22-Oct-09 14:10:08

Well I've got a massive belly but have only put on 3lbs (I'm 35 weeks). I've also lost weight on my face and arms. The baby takes all the goodness and calories and you get his leftovers, hence why you're feeling off colour but your baby bump is growing!

Even when I had a stomach bug and didn't eat for two days, my GP said babies are robust and will take everything they need regardless. Otherwise, how would they all survive morning sickness? best of luck, I'm sire you're fine. xx

MandaHugNKill Thu 22-Oct-09 19:20:08

I can actually empathise completely with you - when I fell pregnant with my first (DD, now 14) I was 10st 4lb. The day after having her, I was 8st 4lb. I'm 5'7" so looked pretty skeletal and, yes, felt weak and tired most of the time.

She was born at 7b 13oz and continued to pile on the weight (I ebf).

Moral of the story? Your baby will be FINE - they will take everything you ingest and then raid your reserves (be that fat stores, vitamins, calcium from your bones even) for everything else they need. You, however, may not be so fine. You really need to be well to cope with the rigors of birth/early weeks of caring for a newborn and to be malnurished is no great start (take it from me!).

If you really cannot face eating lots more, try just a little more than you have been and try to increase it just a little every few days. Make it 'high quality' nutrition (but that said, downing a big mac & fries is preferable over nothing at this juncture). Also, please take a good quality antenatal vitmin/mineral and dha/fish oil supplement.

Try not to stress - as I said, the baby really will be ok. But you really need to think of yourself too.

star6 Thu 22-Oct-09 19:24:06

Are you anaemic? I didn't put on a lot of weight at all because of anaemia. (hb of between 6-8 most of pregnancy and at one point during delivery, 4.8 shock ).
This could explain weight loss as well. And again, as others have said, the baby will be fine - the baby takes everything it needs from your body and especially if you're anaemic, it leaves you tired and weak, unfortunately.

BonjourIvresse Thu 22-Oct-09 19:28:06

Don't worry too much. I wieghed the same at 37 weeks as I did at m booking appt. Just eat what you fancy....

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