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Gah! I hate morning sickness, I feel rubbish and soooo crabby.

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ladyandthechocolate Thu 15-Oct-09 21:15:01

Am 7 weeks pregnant with DC2. Feel so nauseous all damn day with occasional bouts of retching into the sink whilst pretending to DD that I'm playing a game (she's started copying with is concerning! hmm)

All I'm eating is rubbish - crisps, toast, fizzy drinks and I feel guilty that I'm not providing nutrition for the baby. I started heaving in M&S while trying to buy soup for DH.

Not looking for a solution, just wanted to moan. I know if the symptoms weren't there I'd be worried. Honesly no one who hasn't had it understand how crappy it is! DH says cheer up, only 5 weeks of it left but 5 weeks seems a blinkin eternity!!

Anyone else in the same boat?

Hollyoaks Thu 15-Oct-09 21:23:16

I'm 8 weeks and feel like crap. I've never felt so tired and the nausea lasts all day. I'm also eating crap, minstrels for dinner and McDonalds potato wedges for tea, but thats all I wanted. Its rubbish and if you haven't been through it than you can't say anything constructive.

PS 5 weeks is an eternity!!!!!!!!!!!

butterscotch Thu 15-Oct-09 21:25:26

Well I've been having all day MS since 5 weeks and am now 11 weeks and still feeling crappo sad

The dry gagging is worst I think i swear people on the train to work and home think I am some drunken bum blush

memorylapse Thu 15-Oct-09 22:34:13

same here MS kicked in at 6 weeks and have been more or less housebound since then..11+2 today and feel especially crap today..threw up a few times todaysad

karney Fri 16-Oct-09 12:17:05

Oh I,m just cruisin around looking for Ms threads to moan on. The nausea and sickness is just horrid. Now 12weeks and it's still going strong all day every day. Can only dream of feeling normal again. Ready to kill at well intended suggestions of ginger biscuit remedies!!wink

memorylapse Fri 16-Oct-09 12:19:00

Karney..oh yes Ive had those too.."try ginger"..feel like shouting.."do you not think Ive tried it already??!!!"

roundabout1 Fri 16-Oct-09 12:59:45

Me too! I'm 7 weeks & fed up of feeling like shit, I had an early mc at beg Sept so have so many conflicting emotions about being pg again anyway & then the feeling like crap just seems to make everything so much worse. Ginger helped to begin with, now just makes me feel even more sick, just can't stomach ginger anything. I'm eating crap apart from soup, that seems to be all I can stomach that is healthy. Fruit just turns my stomach apart from the occasional glass of orange juice. Can't wait for this part of pregnancy to pass & then immediately feel guilty for feeling like that.

ladyandthechocolate Fri 16-Oct-09 19:54:19

It's making me be so horrible to DH. I feel I just need to drag him down to my level at the moment. He was telling me about his hard day at work and after a long day with just me and DD feeling awful I replied "To be honest I'm not that interested in your sob story!"
What a cow.... I wouldn't want to be married to me right now!

Rubyshoos Sun 18-Oct-09 14:18:15

To all of you suffering from hideous morning sickness - please don't despair. I'm now 12 weeks and from about 6 weeks the MS kicked in with a vengeance, I thought I would never get through it and it's my second pregnancy so now I'm dealing with a (nearly) 2 year old to add to the mix. I've honestly never found anything so hard to deal with in my life and all those around me (particularly husband) have been suffering. I didn't so much as enter the kitchen for the past six weeks as any type of food made me want to hurl and poor ds has had a limited about of 'proper' food cooked for him by me, but now, oh yes there is light at the end of the tunnel, it's lifting! It's definitely still there (the only way to explain is that I can still 'taste' it at the back of my throat.. disgusting!)I honestly never thought I would get to a point where I could get up in the morning without crying and feeling so so so sick and getting to 12 weeks seemed like an eternity - but I'm here now and there's light at the end of the tunnel! I've got my 12 week scan on tuesday and it seemed SO far away, so to all of you feeling awful, keep the faith - IT DOES GET BETTER!!!! X

karney Sun 18-Oct-09 15:42:05

Thankyou rubyshoos I need to hear there is some hope. My dark and pesimistic morning sickness mind is telling me that it will never end!!shock. I,m exactly 12 wks today and still feel very sick however my Dp has tried to be positive and pointed out that I don't seem as bad as I was a month ago. Poor soul has been tested to the limit. I desperatley just want to feel "normal" again. Just be rid of the constant feeling of going to be sick or the horrendous action of actually being sick. I,ve been looking for anything that may indicate that the Ms might go ie. when the planenta takes over etc.(does anyone know?) I also have a 14 month old Ds to look after and that has been extremely difficult and sometimes I have thought I just couldn't cope with it all.Have been prescribed numerous medications but really nothing has helped.So onwards and upwards and here's to light at the end of this rather sicky tunnel.hmm

brockleybelle Sun 18-Oct-09 15:55:05

Hi ladies, am 9 weeks today. Thankfully the nausea has subsided a great deal, but when I do feel sick I find orange juice (either 'straight' or watered down) does help. Not sure if it's just me. Worth a go?

Liloosmum Mon 19-Oct-09 15:57:42

Hi, I'm feeling pretty much the same (8 weeks). I've only been sick once, but feel nauseous most of the time and have lots of coughing/retching!

I had MS with DD1 but from 12-15 weeks so was a bit surprised when it started so soon this time.

Eating seems to help (I could eat cream crackers all day every day), I've also been having a sleep when DD1 has her nap (when I'm not at work). I'm wearing the travel sickness bands now as well, not sure if they do any good, but they can't do any harm!!

glastochick Tue 20-Oct-09 17:08:46

Same here! Call me mad but actually loving every minute of it. Took us so long to get to this point that I'm relishing every symptom grin.

Started off with all day nausea from 5 weeks, then physical sickness kicked in at 7+5, which coincided nicely with the cold I'm still suffering from. Now 8+6 and not physically sick every day, but when I am it's horrendous. Have been sick 3 times a day a few times!

Ginger biscuits have helped, but they're nasty when they come back up again. If I'm lucky, I can get it all over and done with before leaving the house. If not, I struggle through my 65 minute train journey, then leg it from the station and across the floor at work to the toilet. I'm sure everyone can hear me retching from the noise I make, but hey ho.

The worst thing at the moment is the tiredness! Plus we haven't gone public yet so battling on as though everything is normal is a real strain.

DH, more than me, is looking forward to it ending (hopefully) in a few weeks' time. He's worried that the only way to deal with it, for me, is to eat constantly, and as I was a bit chubbly before we conceived he doesn't want my weight to increase dramatically.

UnrequitedSkink Tue 20-Oct-09 21:41:04

Urgh, just wanted to join in the general feeling crappy thread - 6+3 today, only been sick for 3 days but my god, they have been the longest days ever. Eating seems to help (sometimes) but I can only stomach specific things at certain times and they seem to be things like chips and gravy... blush

I just think there's a design fault somewhere and it's bloody unfair. That is all.

dolphina78 Wed 21-Oct-09 16:16:22

Just wanted to join in too, i am 7 weeks and the nauseas is doing my head in, tho like someone said, I would worry if I felt fine. The tiredness is something i have never experienced and wondered if you ever get to sleep through the night again???!!!

UnrequitedSkink Wed 21-Oct-09 22:15:07

Dolphina - simple answer - no. wink

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