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might not be feeling soooo sick - celebrations too early??

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tinylion Thu 15-Oct-09 19:29:28

Well, I'm 10 weeks and 1 day. is the first day when I've actually not felt horribly sick/been sick/hated the sight of food.

Do you think this is it? Is it the end of morning sickness?!?

I've had it fairly badly - the doctor has given me Stemitil (sp?) and with that, plus various managing techniques (constantly trying to eat/putting vicks under my nose cos of smells grin) I've managed to keep some food down. I honestly think that for me, morning sickness is worse than anything else in pregnancy, including labour (and my last one lasted 36 hours and the epidural didn't work!)

But today....I haven't needed to take a tablet.

It's amazing how positive/energised you feel when you don't feel soooooo terribly sick.

Don't want to get too excited as might come back and hit me again tomorrow...but fairly excited...

Anyone else felt/feeling like this??

karney Fri 16-Oct-09 12:09:53

Glad your not feeling sooo sick, it's torture I know. I,ve head other woman share that they noticed a difference around the 10wk mark and hopefully it will be the start of the end of it for you. I,m ratherenvy. I,m 12wks and it's showing no sign of stopping. I,ve been on phenergen then buccastem and now cyclizine. I don't know if any of them make that much of a difference. Gonna stay on the cyclizine cos it doesn't make me sleepy and it reduces the sickness if anything. Anyway yes yes and yes again that Ms is definatley the worst thing about pregnancy, I,m now hoping it calms down around the 16 wk mark....ah...dream on. Hope you are still feeling well today.

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