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Swine Flu

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knitcorner Thu 15-Oct-09 11:55:54

Anyone else woken with the news this morning that swine-flu vaccinations will be COMPULSORY for pregnant women? (a complete turnaround to the advice given in July - last time it was in the news!)

Erm, if there's any doubt whatsoever as to the safety of this vaccine, I think I'd rather not!

ClaireDeLoon Thu 15-Oct-09 11:58:51

Where did you read/hear that? They can't make it complusory.

knitcorner Thu 15-Oct-09 12:25:29

It was on the radio news this morning (Absolute), it's barely mentioned anywhere in the papers so sounds like they were sensationalising a non-story, but even so - something else to worry about!

singalongamumum Thu 15-Oct-09 12:28:58

I heard something about that. On Heart. But there were people saying it hadn't been tested properly. Not on the BBC so I reckon they're sensationalising. As if the decision wasn't hard enough as it is!

JuliaGulia Thu 15-Oct-09 14:38:07

A pregnant teenager in Scotland died from Swine Flu yesterday so it may be connected to this case.
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with no ID twins and totally confused as to whether or not to have the vaccine.
My midwife was horrified that I was even considering getting the jab but I just want to know the facts/risks first.
It's not a live vaccine so in many ways similar to the normal winter flu jab which is altered every year to kill the particular strain of flu active that year.
My husband is keen for me to have the jab because he's worried about my health (I commute to London everyday).
But so far I haven't even taken paracetamol so the idea of putting a drug into my body does concern me - particularly as I'm may not even get swine flu and if I do it the syptoms could be mild.
What are people's thoughts?

mosschops30 Thu 15-Oct-09 14:43:44

It is not compulsory, they are just urging pregnant women to get it.

I have had flu symptoms now since yesterday and my doc has just prescribed me Relenza, I cant go to see MW tomorrow, or even take my other children to school sad I feel so rotten.
I have taken paracetamol for 4 days now, 4 hourly and will take the Relenza tonight.
If I was offered the vaccine I would have it, because at the moment I am very scared sad

thedollshouse Thu 15-Oct-09 14:46:32

What?! hmm

I reacted very badly to the ordinary flu vaccination. I have no intention of having the swine flu jab. What are they going to do, send the men in white suits round? hmm

whensmydayoff Thu 15-Oct-09 15:15:36

JuliaGulia. Im 28 weeks PG and v worried about swine flu too BUT, you couldn't pay me to take that jab.
The vaccine may not be live but the chemicals they use to kill off the live part are the frightening things that have previously been linked to autism and behavioural problems or even death in children.
Farmaldahide - a cancerous chemical used in materials such as MDF (now banned in America)
imeresol - (im so spelling these wrong) again linked to above.
Even though I can't remember the exact name or spelling blush, it is definitely in the vaccine. Have a google!

corblimeymadam Thu 15-Oct-09 15:24:44

Message withdrawn

knitcorner Thu 15-Oct-09 15:56:08

I'm not usually such a cynic about these things but the phrase *Pandemrix has been authorised under “Exceptional Circumstances”* doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence!

Personally I'd rather my other-half took it than me, at least then there's no risk to the unborn child and hopefully he stays flu-free to care for me/us if we get it.

JuliaGulia Thu 15-Oct-09 15:57:14

Thanks for your feedback. Does anyone know if we'll be called up for the jab or have to request it if it's something you want? I think that may affect take up rates.

My husband is just very scared by the possibility of me getting dangerously ill if I do contract swine flu and with a surpressed immune system, I'm more likely to get it than many people. The UK doesn't have enough specialist beds to deal with a potential outbreak if many high risk people need intensive hospital care.
I've read a lot about the situation but with the medical profession giving different answers, it's hard to know who to believe.

Certainly most mum's to be that I've spoken to aren't having the vaccine.

My twins are my first priority but naturally I'm my husbands'.

BellasYummyMummy Thu 15-Oct-09 16:04:32

eeshk i think i have been totally too relaxed on this one. Was paranoid when swine flu first came on the news, but since its coverage has died down i havent really thought about it much. I dont know how i feel about the jab, there hasnt been enough testing to see how it affect the unborn baby so i am a bit dubious. I dont think it's going to be any different to getting normal flu, just make sure you wash your hands lots and try not to catch it!!

knitcorner Thu 15-Oct-09 16:50:34

This link was in the mumsnet email:

ReneRusso Thu 15-Oct-09 19:41:39

I don't think there is any way it can be compulsory. It's completely unworkable. I have already had swine flu, which I guess offers me some protection, so there is no way I want the vaccine, but I can't prove to anyone that I've had swine flu. I will just say no thanks.

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