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First tri pregnancy symptoms - did you find they varied from pregnancy to pregnancy?

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ClaireDeLoon Thu 15-Oct-09 08:54:37

Just idly wondering really and thought I would ask everyone. I just find with current pregnancy I don't have the emotional weepiness I did with previous pregnancy. Even DP has commented I'm being remarkably 'normal'

beautifulgirls Thu 15-Oct-09 09:08:48

Cant say emotionally I was any different, but sickness wise and tiredness wise yes very different. Preg #1 moderately sick, not especially tired, appetite poor
preg #2 very very sick, bit tired, appetite poor
preg #3 moderately sick, very tired, appetite ravenous!

Preg #1 and preg #2 were girls and preg #3 I am still waiting to find out!

Prinpo Thu 15-Oct-09 14:16:37

I think that pregnancy is very different when you already have children. You're already tired all the time and, whether tired or not, you just have to keep on going. Also, there's less time to think about your other symptoms like nausea. Having said that, each of my pregnancies has been different. With number 2 was convinced we were having a boy because it was so different to number 1 but we had a second girl. This time round it's different again.

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