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Reccomendations for maternity leggings (black over bump up to bra line!- oh and cheap preferably!)

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Thandeka Wed 14-Oct-09 09:08:12

I need pregnancy leggings but they all seem so expensive- I balk at £30!

Basically I am loving the fact I can now wear dresses (previously when not pregnant my big arse and pot belly made everyone ask if I was pregnant- now I am I can wear them with pride- in fact seriously considering going round with pillow shoved up my dress after the baby is born so I can carry on with this!)

Anyhow I can't wear tights- they literally set my teeth on edge and I physically can't do it (which is weird as a teenager I used to wear them all the time including to bed if it was cold!) so I tend to wear leggings instead of tights (but they must be leggings that feel like leggings and not tights else I will cry!)

Because I am wearing them with dresses I need them to be over the bump preferably up to bra line as otherwise I get a funny line.

So any reccomendations for a fussy clothes person!?

ArghhhhmazingBouncingSpider Wed 14-Oct-09 09:09:56

I got mine from New Look, about £10 and really comfy. Suprisingly they wash really well too!

FluffyCoo Wed 14-Oct-09 09:20:53

Red Herring Maternity at Debenhams do them for £12 - Love 'em! Well and truly over the bump style.

whensmydayoff Thu 15-Oct-09 15:37:11


ThingumyandBob Thu 15-Oct-09 16:16:11

Jo jo mama bebe £18. Very comfy and very over the bump...also have some from Mamas and Papas, very over the bump and thick, can't rememebr how much they were though...

AngelDog Fri 16-Oct-09 03:43:17

Mothercare do some for about £14 - they come very high up but depending on the size of your bump may be a funny fit.

madmissy Fri 16-Oct-09 08:17:37

i have some topshop ones, had h&m over bump but cut bumpy in half lol

best and comfy i have are the black normal h&m ones!

londonlottie Fri 16-Oct-09 08:24:26

Message withdrawn

madmissy Fri 16-Oct-09 08:39:19

oooh they look kcomfy!

NatashaE29 Fri 16-Oct-09 09:17:17

I have to agree with the new look ones and the ones ffom red herring in debenhams!!

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