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Nuchal Scan/bloods - Excessive worrying before the test

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Schnitzel Tue 13-Oct-09 18:09:52


Is anyone else worrying excessively about this test? I am 36 and convinced that something is going to "go wrong". I am a worrier by nature, but I believe the miscarriage I had last year has magnified my fears for this pregnancy tenfold and I'm somehow convincing myself that I'll either get to the 12 week scan and something will have happened to the baby OR something will be wrong with my baby.

There's not much point to this post other than to, I guess, get some reassurance that I'm
not the only one going mad here!


Schnitzel Tue 13-Oct-09 18:10:48

Sorry - I should have added - I'm 10+1 weeks pregnant.

thedollshouse Tue 13-Oct-09 18:13:16

My first question to the Sonographer was "is it alive?". I know exactly how you feel I was genuinely surprised that my baby was ok.

I'm still waiting for results of the nuchal but the Sonographer said all looked well.

Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine. smile

underactivethyroidmum Tue 13-Oct-09 19:16:13

Hi Schnitzel

I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby but my eldest is 10 - my DH and I have been trying for over 6 years.

I had the nuchal test at 12 weeks due to my age, an existing medical condition and that my first pregnancy 12 years ago had to be terminated as the baby had Edwards syndrome.

I was terrified of having the nuchal scan and cried all the night before and most of the morning - convinced something would be wrong. But all was well with the scan and when my results came back the risk of a chromosome defect was 1 in 120,000. But still I'm worried - so no you are not alone in feeling this way and although its easy to say - try not to worry.

The sonographers are used to emotional and scared ladies and I understand the nuchal scan is carried out by the most experienced.

I'm sure all will be fine but don't be afraid to tell the midwife/sonogapher how you feel - Good Luck


Schnitzel Thu 15-Oct-09 20:46:58

Thanks for the feedback girls. Still got a bit to wait until the scan - but trying to be as calm as possible :-)

MumNWLondon Fri 16-Oct-09 00:16:54

try not to get too stressed, do not read anything into the miscarriage you had, early pregnancy loss is very normal, and probably one off.

i had mine today and i managed just not to think about it too much. i also breathed a big sign of relief when i saw there was a baby there and that it was alive!

based on the scan alone it was low risk (NT of 1.7mm) which at 13+3 is below average, which i was pleased about as i am 35. they will call me by tuesday if the blood tests etc are high risk, so not telling people just yet.

just try to keep calm... but 10-11 weeks should be able to feel uterus - that should give you confidence that there is actually a growing baby in there?

Sunnydale Fri 16-Oct-09 18:11:04

Hi, just wanted to add my support and a happy tale. I had my 12 week scan today, and like you, was terrified owing to previous sad experiences of pregnancy. I was absolutely convinced all would go wrong.

My risk for Down's according to past history was 1:58, but after the scan my adjusted risk is now 1: 1155 - the same odds as someone in their twenties (I am 39). I wanted to post this for any older ladies reading who are terrified of the odds: they can be good. Odds are just averages: what counts are your own odds, and even at 39 they can still be favourable.

I hope this helps. You will get through it. It's amazing where we ladies find our strength from when we have to. I know the next two weeks will drag for you and feel like they're never ending, but try to keep busy and stay positive. Wishing you the very best of luck

first1 Mon 19-Oct-09 14:11:49

I'm 10 weeks today and had a scan this morning, sonographer said everything looked fine, saw baby moving around. But I can't help but worry about the nuchal in two weeks. I'm 21 and this is my first pregnancy. Am I being overly worried?

Schnitzel Fri 23-Oct-09 19:20:44

Thanks for further input on this subject everyone.

First1, I have come to the conclusion that most people are worried about their nuchal scan, at least the ones that are aware of what it is. It is a worrying time, but we just have to get through it. Good luck for your scan. I hope everything is ok! x

Schnitzel Wed 28-Oct-09 13:06:41

Just an update on this: I had my nuchal scan and it came back at a normal 1.3mm, which I'm really pleased about. But, have to wait now for the blood test results. They said they would ring me after about a week if there was a problem and I would receive a letter if there wasn't. So yet more waiting. I'm a nervous wreck.

I'm quickly coming around to the fact that there seems to be LOTS of worrisome waiting during pregnancy. I never knew it could be so stressful. Please roll on next week.

MumNWLondon Wed 28-Oct-09 21:21:43

When I had my DD 6 years ago, they just did the nuchal scan, and gave me the measurement and said "low risk" - no blood tests - so yes the addition of the blood tests gives something else to worry about. With a nuchal measurement like that you'd have to have really bad blood results to cause you to be high risk.

My nuchal measurement was 1.7 (at 13+3) and then the result came yesterday less than 1:50,000.

UnrequitedSkink Wed 28-Oct-09 21:29:36

Can I just ask - sorry to hijack - is the nuchal scan done for everyone or is it only women over 35? If I want one would I have to go private? Thanks.

EldonAve Wed 28-Oct-09 21:32:02

It depends on where you live

MumNWLondon Wed 28-Oct-09 22:03:05

According to NICE everyone should be entitled to one the NHS. But not all hospital offer.

See here:

Much better coverage in London and the SE than elsewhere in the country.

UnrequitedSkink Wed 28-Oct-09 22:27:16

Thanks for that link - relieved my local hospital does seem to have facilities.

RachieW Wed 28-Oct-09 22:33:37

Just wanted to say that I was petrified before my 12 week scan which was a nuchal one. I was so worried that the day before my morning sickness got really bad and I was sick all day. Everything was fine though but like you Schnitzel I worried about everything in my pregnancy. My baby has just turned one today though so I wanted to say hang in there as it's worth all the worry! Oh and when they are born the worry carries on....sorry grin Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Schnitzel Fri 30-Oct-09 16:02:09

Thank you RachieW and MumNWLondon.

I guess I really must either get used to the worrying, or try to start managing my bouts of worrying better! Deep breaths!

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