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hairyclaireyfairy Mon 12-Oct-09 21:21:23

Eight weeks now, next scan not till next tuesday ( 2 miscarriages) so being seen regually. Is it normal to feel this terrified that I am going to miscarry again?
Still have sickness and sore boobs but then did last timejust don't seem able to pull myself together and wait and see.

alana39 Mon 12-Oct-09 21:25:30

Completely normal yes. And I know nothing will stop you worrying but if you need some ongoing moral support come over to the Knickercheckers thread here where there are a bunch of us in the same boat at various stages along the way.

hairyclaireyfairy Mon 12-Oct-09 22:53:52

thanks Alana I may well do that xx

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