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Recurrent UTI's when pregnant

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mummyofthomas Mon 12-Oct-09 17:24:08

Hi I'm 19 weeks pregnant and had UTI last month but didn't have any usual symptoms eg burning etc just suddenly was really faint then sick got antibiotics cleared up fine. Yesterday I honestly thought I had gone into labour, again no normal symptoms of burning etc, just suddenly really sharp cramps in my tummy and back, was really scary.Went straight to hospital and again have UTI. Has anyone else had experience of UTI's and is there anything I can do to stop them/catch it before the pain is so intense? I drink loads anyway, I'm very clean,sex is out of the question at the mo blush so what else can I do if anything?

dani87 Mon 12-Oct-09 20:08:23

hi mummyofthomas im 16weeks and i have had 2 uti's already i also drink loads and same here sex outta question and clean blush. Would also like to no if anyone else out there has advice! I never had any symptoms also just feeling faint and stomach cramps!

mummyofthomas Mon 12-Oct-09 20:32:20

ohh poor you dani87, lets hope someone on here can help us this is my second pregnancy and had nothing like this with the first. hope u r better now

ellaeleven Tue 13-Oct-09 20:39:08

Hi there,

Sorry I really dont have any advice as such but just wanted to share that I was in exactly the same position as you. Up until recently seemed to be having a UTI every month and as they like to treat it straight away have had several courses of antibiotics, I'm convinced this baby will be immune to amoxicillinsad. Several days after starting the antibiotics I would ring up to get the sample results from the lab and they would always be clear, no bacteria, so only ever seemed to show up from the initial dip stick test they do. I had to go to the labour ward at 19 weeks with severe pains, like you convinced it was premature labour, and a very experienced consultant said she saw alot of women with the same pain between 18 and 24 weeks and it was almost always ligamental pain. I relaxed a little after that although the pains persisted on/off up until I was about 25 weeks (I am now 38 weeks and ready to burst). Relax, try not to worry too much, I know easier said than done, drink plenty of cranberry juice or take the capsules as my midwife suggests and make sure you empty your bladder properly so that not a drop of urine remains in the tract. Take care and good luck to you both. X

mummyofthomas Thu 15-Oct-09 09:40:08

Hi there ellaeleven thanks for the message, interesting what the consultant said about ligament pains, I do get the odd sharp twinge/pain from time to time but like you say this was more like being in actual labour - pains came in sharp waves. This is baby number 2 for me so thought I would know what was going on but not true I've never had any results back so have no idea what they were - except that midwife gives me the all clear everytime I see her.Now they insist I take a test for clamydia even though I have been tested for everything and all fine! Am drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and am feeling better just hope that it stays away this time. Hope all goes well with the baby

blushes Thu 15-Oct-09 13:47:20

Oh god I feel your pain. Have had what feels like back-to-back utis for my entire pregnancy (I'm almost 25 weeks) and was really unhappy about the fact that I'd been on 4 courses of antibiotics.

I pushed to see the consultant at the hospital as I felt my GP was fobbing me off with ABs without properly investigating. I had kidney scans and various tests.

Turns out that most of the time, I don't actually have a uti. Seems I just have an irritable/sensitive urinary tract- which also means I pick up utis easily. So now I concentrate on managing it and on warding off infections. I vastly prefer this to stuffing my system full of ABs which never seem to actually solve the problem. Things which have worked for me are:
- Cranberry powder from the health food shop(check that the brand is OK to take in pregnancy before you buy)- it's more potent than capsules and isn't filled with sugar like cranberry juice- apparently sugar can irritate the bladder.
- Drinking litres of water- like 3 litres+ a day, to make sure that my urine is permanently diluted. I've found that the symptoms are worse in the mornings when I haven't been downing water constantly.
- Sitting on the loo for at least 30 secs after having a wee.
- The usual washing/weeing before and after sex, though like you, my uti problems have meant these occasions are few and far between!
- Avoiding spicy food. This has made a real difference- and if I ever eat spicy foods I regret it soon afterwards!
- Cutting out caffeine completely, well, apart from the odd cup of earl grey.
- Not putting any products in my bath. Instead I burn scented oils which sort of makes up the lack of bubble bath!
- Washing just before I get out of the bath

If I let any of these things slide, I soon notice the discomfort returning. Cystitis can be really soul-destroying, and the above things have really helped me.

Good luck!

mummyofthomas Sat 17-Oct-09 14:30:55

Hi there, thanks so much for your message blushes, like you they just seem to instantly tell me it's a uti and then the test results come back clear???? think they just wanna give me ABs so I go away,but again not really comfortable with being on them at least once a month when pregnant!!! My midwife has said to push for my gp to send me to a gynaecologist (?spelling) if they keep coming back to see if anything suspect is going on. I have been doing all the things like you said ,have been for many years to be honest - I used to get utis as a teenager had kidney scans/internal ultrasounds etc but they found nothing wrong, but havent suffered from any for about 8 years. I did have a nasty third degree tear with my first baby only 13 months ago - wonder if that may have anything to do with it? Hopefully this will be my last one hmm thanks again for the advice.

1mum1 Sat 17-Oct-09 16:36:07

I'm 33 weeks and suffered badly with urine infections early on and into start of econd trimester but have managed to get rid of them since then - drink plenty of water and two good sized glasses of cranberry every day. This has seemed to work for me.

Don't forget to keep nice and clean after a number 2 also!

naomi83 Sat 17-Oct-09 19:03:44

please ask doctor for a kidney ultrasound. i have 8 UTIs and kidney infections whilst pregnant, despite drinking tons, cotton underwear etc. doctor told me it was nothing, but i insisted. it turned out one of my kidney was blocked and swelling. i'm a rare case, but it's worth getting it checked out.

Kayleighowse Fri 04-Sep-15 17:30:37

I've had 3 kidney infections and I'm 22 weeks pregnant! They found bacteria called E.coli in my urine, and I've been doing Google search and found out E.coli can cause stillbirth! I'm drinking over 2 litres of water a day no sex and keeping very clean ! Doing everything in my power to prevent them but they keep coming back, so so worried sad

Doublebubblebubble Fri 04-Sep-15 19:57:29

I'm 35 weeks and whilst I haven't had any uti's this pregnancy touch wood I did get them a lot with my DD (now 5). And I'm currently on antibiotics for and ear and throat infection. You have to remember that because you are pregnant your entire immune system is down.. And therefore you are more susceptible to everything. Try drinking cranberry juice (if you can) and lots of water. Also I try to be overly clean down there and use vagisil wipes (I know experts say don't overdo it because of the good bacteria etc but I think that it helps mentally as well as physically.) just mho x

Doublebubblebubble Fri 04-Sep-15 19:58:43

Also and most importantly! If you are given antibiotics complete the course

Kayleighowse Fri 04-Sep-15 21:08:11

Hiya, I'm completing every course and I am overly clean down there, just feel like Ive got to be missing something! I hope all these antibiotics don't effect the baby in anyway! It's just really getting me down now sad thank you x

Doublebubblebubble Fri 04-Sep-15 23:59:08

Right - firstly kayleigh get off of Dr google you!!! smile It is bad for you. E.coli isn't great but Im sure that the Drs (that found it and are treating you) would have said something to you then and there if there were anything wrong wrong. The antibiotics your dr prescribed for you are absolutely safe for a pregnancy - you wouldn't have been prescribed them otherwise. Also try not to stress too much and take everything as it comes xx good luck hun xx

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