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is it safe to go to a rock concert during your third trimester?

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michelle89 Mon 12-Oct-09 16:56:34

im 26 weeks pregnant with a lil boy (my 1st) grin
on sunday i found out my idol marilyn manson is coming to my home town of nottingham on 17th dec grin
i just had to get tickets, iv never seen him before as my parents wud never pay for it, now i have my own income i can
i was just wondering whether it was safe, im more worried about going into labour, before or during the concert more then anything as i will be 35weeks pregnant then.
the security guys wont refuse me for being pregnant will they? and will it harm my baby?

Laugs Mon 12-Oct-09 17:29:12

I think the main problem is that you might get pushed around, or at least nudged out of the way, which wouldn't be nice at 35 weeks pregnant. And you might also find it hard to stand for that long comfortably.

But if you go with those expectations, stand right at the back of the venue, and know that you might have to leave half way through if you're too tired, you should be ok.

Or you could ask at the venue if they have an area for disabled/ less able people to sit?

Tomatefarcie Mon 12-Oct-09 17:55:53

I went to see U2 last month without any problems.

However, Marylin Manson is another kettle of fish. I know I am going to sound old fashioned, but I would get seated tickets. I would def not go in the moshpit, or anywhere you could get elbowed in the bump or something like that.

LowLevelWhingeing Mon 12-Oct-09 17:58:33

If you're going to be sat down I can't see any problem. The only thing might be that you really don't fancy a night out at that stage (big and tired smile).


Laugs Mon 12-Oct-09 18:02:08

But seated tickets are not really seated at gigs like this. You will stand in front of your seat, or you won't be able to see for everyone else standing.

I'd ask the venue if they have any special provisions.

BarakObamasTransitVan Mon 12-Oct-09 18:11:13

Agree with lauds. Also if/when you do go, feel your bump. I went to a gig at about the same stage (more sedate artiste but loud) and I am sure I could feel the soundwaves rippling through the amniotic fluid, which I found rather cool. I guessed that this was OK for dc as the person I'd gone to see had performed when she was 35wks herself.

BarakObamasTransitVan Mon 12-Oct-09 18:11:54

DS is now 9 btw and his hearing is fine grin

LadyoftheBathtub Mon 12-Oct-09 18:14:19

I went to a lot of gigs while pg - I would ask for a chair and sit at the back.

One very loud one did seem to bring on labour - but then I was 4 days overdue. I wouldn't worry but as others have said keep out of jostling crowds.

LouMacca Mon 12-Oct-09 19:17:43

I went to see Paul Weller (my hero) in my 3rd trimester. I didn't last long and left the concert [sob] after about 20 mins! DH wasn't impressed smile

Although I had a seat it was just so warm that I couldn't cool down and my babies starting kicking at an alarming rate which made me feel really sick. Thats just my experience but one I wouldn't repeat.

BTW my 6 year old twins are now both huge Mr Weller fans (not that they have much of a choice!)

Matsikula Mon 12-Oct-09 19:18:02

I went to see a ska band at about 36 weeks. We stood at the back and it was fine (though perhaps not as loud as Marilyn Manson might be).

I wasn't the only similarly pregnant woman there, and I think most people were pretty tickled to see us and didn't jostle at all.

Make sure you wear something that highlights the bump so no-one can fail to spot it.

stuffitllllama Mon 12-Oct-09 19:21:55

oh i did this, very late in pregnancy, about the same as you

it was very loud and so very vibrational, I thought it could have done something to the baby

it felt very uncomfortable and also I felt like a twat, but i'm not used to rock concerts

baby fine and hearing fine but i felt sorry for it at the time <possibly dullard? but I did>

MarthaFarquhar Mon 12-Oct-09 19:22:15

I had standing tickets to a gig at Wembley in my 3rd trimester. 'Twas fine, really. It's not so long to be standing if you're enjoying a relatively trouble free pregnancy. Admittedly, I did give the mosh pit a wide birth on that occasion.

stuffitllllama Mon 12-Oct-09 19:23:19

loumacca i left my concert too and hung around in the cement limbo downstairs until it was over

dh was NOT leaving until the last possible moment

risingstar Mon 12-Oct-09 19:25:08

i went to see the police at 37 weeks- i had to - like you i desperately wanted to see them when i was a kid and this was going to be their last ever concert..... it had to be done and it was.

the only concession i made was having to go to the loo during one song- it was seated but i was up and dancing for the whole thing

loved EVERY second of it.

go and enjoy, even if you stand at the back- have to sit down every now and again. You won't regret going- you will regret no going!

trellism Mon 12-Oct-09 22:38:53

I went to see NIN at 28 weeks. Great fun and I think the baby rather enjoyed it. I would get seated tickets if you can, or organise a place in the disabled section and make sure you can get to the loos easily as you will need to visit them often at 35 weeks.

I can think of no reason why a security person would refuse you admission.

TakeLovingChances Mon 12-Oct-09 22:54:41

I was just about to post something along these lines!!!

I have tickets to see Green Day next week, which I'm very excited about grin

I will be 20 wks pregnant and was worried about having to stand for long time.... I bought tickets before I knew that I was pregnant.

I rang the concert venue today and explained my situation, asked if I could have a chair. She was rude to me, and said that no way would I be able to have a chair angry

Enjoy MM, I love him too!

LadyOfTheFlowers Mon 12-Oct-09 23:05:23

I have still not managed to see MM. Need to get n do it soon - in December like you I think, before he gets too old and fat! lol In December, I will be 5/6 months preg.

Have seen Metalicca while preg.

spiker Mon 12-Oct-09 23:27:12

I did it quite a bit, most extreme was White Stripes at Brixton Academy at 39 weeks. It is fine if you are generally healthy and are sensible about avoiding very crowded areas, leave before/after the main throng. Also make sure you look very obviously pregnant - generally the security/house staff come over all concerned and miraculously conjure up chairs and force you to sit down. Problems arise when it gets crowded and people just can't the see the bump.

lanismum Tue 13-Oct-09 00:26:06

I have seen lots of band whilst preg, with my last preg I saw 36 crazyfists at about 28 weeks, twas fine, tho very very loud as it was in a small venue, Marilyn Manson will be in a bigger venue and there will be a less crowded spot for you, try and get your back against a wall and have a friend stand in front of you so nobody can fall back onto your bump, have a big bottle of water and you will be fine, have seen them live many time and its always a brilliant show!

notasausage Wed 14-Oct-09 14:36:59

Used to do first aid at a large concert venue. Having pg people in all sorts of concerts was quite common esp where tickets had been on sale a long time in advance! Security shouldn't refuse you entry. If it's an all standing concert, I'd try for a seat in the disabled area (arranged when you buy your tickets or take your chances on the night) but be warned you probably won't be allowed to stand up there. Don't expect them to provide a seat in the standing area esp at this type of concert as they'll be worried it might become a missile!

They will also have a first aid area if you really need a seat on the night but the sight of a heavily pg woman advancing their way will probably induce mild panic! I had a woman with contractions every 2 minutes (5th baby) turn up - we got her to hosp with 15 minutes to spare shock

Pinkjenny Wed 14-Oct-09 14:44:49

I'm going to see the Backstreet Boys when I'm 34w. Does that count?


OrangeAnge Wed 14-Oct-09 17:44:25

I will be nearly 34 weeks pregnant when I go to see Lily Allen at Brixton Academy. I think I will be fine, as you will be, but just keep listening to your body I guess. You will know if you/baby doesn't feel right.

Brixton has a disabled section along the side and they often have kids in there too, if they are permitted. I will be in there with them! I'd check with the venue if you can?

Have fun and enjoy the music!

notcitrus Wed 14-Oct-09 20:27:06

I saw Iron Maiden at Twickenham at 30 weeks. Had standing tickets so when I found I was pregnant I emailed and asked if I could have a seat and they offered to let me swap to seated for no extra charge - they said there wasn't anywhere to sit in the main standing area. As it was I then had to get back to them and get a wheelchair space - there was a large area of squares marked each for 2 people so you could have someone with you.

There's actually a concrete ledge all round the arena that many people were sitting on, and lots of space round the edges as most people crowd towards the stage, so I would have been fine if I'd still been able to walk at all.

The XL Maiden T-shirt came in most handy as it was the only thing that fit when I was 9 months gone! And probably helped ensure people didn't piss me off...

Naetha Wed 14-Oct-09 21:42:54

I saw Trivium and Machine Head at 38 weeks last time!

Had a great time, and got some REALLY funny looks off people, but admittedly was absolutely knackered!

I'd still do it again though

Having said that, it was at the MEN arena and we had seats. It would have been quite unpleasant had we been standing.

iwascyteenagewerewolf Wed 14-Oct-09 21:48:48

I went to the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham when I was about 36 weeks pregnant. Loud, Loud, LOUD noisy music Everything was fine: I emailed the organisers beforehand and they couldn't have been nicer; we took a cheap folding garden chair with us and I sat in that all weekend, with earplugs in (DP had them too), enjoying the fantastic bands. DP was a bit concerned that the excessive frequencies might send me into labour but it was all fine grin

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