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Fed up, fed up, fed up

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wrigglershouse Mon 12-Oct-09 13:35:46

I've never started a thread on here before, although I do try to post helpful things on other people's from time to time.

I'm 36/40 now, still loving my bump, still loving the wriggles but just SO fed up. I have a pancreatic problem due to having a lot of surgery when younger which means I am having to stick to a 20-30g of fat max/day plus vitamin supplements diet. On top of that I have developed gestational diabetes because of the pancreatic problem so now am diet controlling that as well (so low carb or at least lowest possible GI), I have mild SPD, I can't sleep, I've been getting noticable but in no way painful BHs at least every 10 minutes for weeks, obvious enough to someone feeling my tummy that at my last ante-natal they did an internal to make sure nothing was happening. Tight as a drum, very posterior cervix, not a sign of ripening (good I'm still a bit early but Oooooh).

Worst though I cant't DO anything. I'm still working although I've cut my hours down a lot and the only time I feel my brain works is at work. Adrenaline, off I go, problem solving, pain a lot better, don't pay attention to the BHs, no problems. About 5 half days a week spread over some whole days, some half days, some evenings differing every week. I feel like me at work although sudden flop as soon as I get home and the adrenaline wears off, sometimes spend the rest of the day asleep in bed (the only time sleep is good is when I'm knackered by something like that). At home I am wearing a hole in the sofa. I'm so bored. I can't stand day time tv, I can't clean, cook (it has taken me all morning today to make shortbread for my poor on-the-same-diet-as-me-plus-benefits husband because I keep having to have little sit downs), wash up, get in or out of the bath without help even though people keep telling me I'm tiny and worse unless I am working my brain has stopped. I'm in a complete fugue, I just sit here until some event I HAVE to do, like going out with friends yesterday, work this evening etc when it's like someone hits the on switch and I'm back.

Bags are packed, baby stuff ready, all the other things I have been using to keep me going at home is done, husband is a star angel who is doing everything as well as working.

So the point of this very,very long moan -
1 Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can DO at home to keep myself busy enough for my brain to function until the baby is here and I will be so busy I don't know how to get it all done?
2 Is anyone else in the same state and willing to comiserate with me for a bit?
3 What did other people do?

wrigglershouse Mon 12-Oct-09 13:39:22

To clarify by the way - all diets will go back to normal when baby comes as it is only pregnancy + hormones putting the strain on the pancreas. So at the moment am on low fat, low carb, low everything diet, when baby comes as long as I don't go mad with fat (so no gorging on clotted cream straight from the tub etc but odd choccy biccy, piece of cake, bit of pizza, piece of garlic bread, I really could continue with this list ad infinitum ok) I go back to normal.

Tigresswoods Mon 12-Oct-09 14:01:29

I can't offer any words of wisdom except that I have been on the low-GI diet when TTC due to have PCOS and both DH and I both found it a really nice way to eat.

I only bought one recipe book which was the Good Housekeeping one (it is on Amazon and it is not expensive) and it had about 4-5 recipes that we have now all the time plus some that we tried once to see if we liked them.

As for stuff to do at home when bored, read? jigsaws? Invite friends/family round for a bit of company?

I cannot help with anything else but hope in some small way this gives you hope.

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