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TMI alert. Discharge or leaking ?

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Fibilou Mon 12-Oct-09 11:13:58

I'm 25+2 today. Over the last week the amount of VD has really increased; a couple of days ago I got through 3 pairs of knickers in the one day (forgot to use my usual liners) and this morning there was a puddle under my bottom on the bed.
I am getting concerned that this is not just discharge but that I am leaking amniotic fluid - some of it is thin and watery rather than the standard discharge.
I have my 25 week appointment tomorrow - should I wait until then or ring MW today ? And how do they find out if you are leaking or just very damp down there ?

geminigirl Mon 12-Oct-09 11:17:44

Ring your midwife will reassure you or if it is amniotic fluid and you have to go into hospital you can be assured that you've done the right thing.

Flowerface Mon 12-Oct-09 11:18:57

I had this. In fact, I still have it, and am now 33 weeks. In my case it seems to have been fine though it felt like gallons of liquid (sorry...). But as far as I can tell they check by shining a torch into you to see if there's liquid pooling around your cervix.

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